Nighttime Self-Care : Our Top Ideas for Every New Mom

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For new moms, the mysterious hours of the night are no longer mysterious! When the world sleeps, and the new mom army marches on! Amidst diaper changes and sweet lullabies, it's easy to neglect self-care for moms.

nighttime self care for moms

That’s why we have this treasure trove of nighttime self-care ideas. They will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer another day (or night).

Get ready to unlock the secrets of nocturnal self-care that will leave you feeling like the superhero mom you truly are – because, let's face it, every superhero needs a little self-care magic! So, grab your cape and let's embark on this nighttime self-care adventure together. 

Try these Nighttime Self-Care Ideas 

nighttime self care for moms

Self-care if definitely a basket of ideas and things customised to each one’s preferences. But when you’re a new mom, self-care is probably the last thing you are thinking about. 

Here’s the thing, you need to water the plant to see growth. Similarly, you are only going to be as good at completing your new mom duties when you take care of yourself too! And the best time to do so is in the night when you can finally get some time for yourself. 

Here are some ways that we thik self-care can become a part of your lifestyle. If it does not feel like too much work, you’ll definitely do it! 

Take an Evening Walk 

As you navigate the beautiful yet demanding journey of motherhood, taking a stroll in the fresh evening air can do wonders for your physical and mental well-being. It offers a gentle form of exercise.

It is also a great opportunity to disconnect from your busy days and transition into the night. You can take your baby and partner out to accompany you during this walk and have some much needed family quality time! 

Engaging in this low-impact movement helps improve blood circulation, boosts your energy levels, and releases endorphins, the "feel-good" hormones that can lift your spirits.

Set Up your Space 

Setting up a soothing space for your self-care routine as a new mom is crucial for unwinding. Begin by decluttering and organizing your surroundings, creating a sense of calm.

Soft, warm lighting with dimmable lamps or fairy lights can set the right mood. Add comforting elements like a plush pillow or a cozy blanket where you can unwind. Incorporate soothing scents through scented candles, like lavender or chamomile, to promote relaxation.

Consider playing calming music or nature sounds in the background to disconnect. This dedicated space will become your haven for self-nurturing and rejuvenation. 

Nighttime Skincare Routine 

nighttime self care for moms

As a new mom, your nighttime skincare routine is probably the best self-care time. Firstly, you have more time for yourself in the night than during the day. Secondly, your skin puts in more effort to repair itself in the night! There’s no better time to pack your self-care routine. 

We recommend you opt for a simple and minimalist skincare routine to save your time and yet maximise your skin’s health! Having a minimalistic skincare routine makes it significantly simpler to establish and stick to a consistent regimen, making your self-care a part of your lifestyle! 

Start with a gentle cleanser. Follow it up with a multi-purpose facial oil or serum with Rosehip Seed Oil like the Luxe Night Elixir

Incorporate Self-Massages 

Self-massages are a vital element of any new mom's self-care routine. They offer a myriad of benefits, especially when combined with aromatherapy. These soothing massages provide a precious opportunity to relax, release tension, and reduce stress levels amid the demands of motherhood. 

The gentle touch of your own hands fosters a sense of comfort and connection with your body. It can help promote a positive body image and self-appreciation. Adding aromatherapy enhances the experience to further relax the mind and uplift the mood.

Self-massages with aromatherapy infuse your routine with serenity and nourishment, allowing you to recharge and embrace the joys of motherhood with renewed vitality. 

Self-massage with a Kansa Wand or Lymphatic Dry Brush to elevate the experience.  Learn how to self-massage the right way. 

Be Kind to Yourself 

Lastly, remember to be kind to yourself and give yourself grace. Be kind to yourself, new mom, and remember that self-care is not selfish; it's an essential part of your well-being. Motherhood is a rewarding yet challenging journey. As life progresses, it may not necessarily get easier. 

Your skin can undergo various changes during and after pregnancy, so be patient and gentle with yourself. Embrace these natural transformations and avoid unnecessary stress over imperfections.

Practice self-care and use skincare products tailored to your changing skin needs. Taking each day as it comes will ensure you are taking of yourself first as well as of others around you! 

nighttime self care for moms


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Empress Naturals for new moms

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Disclaimer : We do recommend you consult with a medical professional as a safety precaution before using any new products if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding. 

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