Every Pregnant Women's Safe Skincare Survival Kit for Healthy Skin

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Pregnancy is definitely a time of incredible bliss and excitement. But also characterized by worry about all the upcoming changes in life and routine. But with the right pregnancy survival kit, you will never worry about your skin again. 

Unfortunately, a lot of skincare products advertise themselves as safe during pregnancy. This blog is the ultimate guide to picking the right ingredients and routine for a healthy glow. 

pregnancy survival kit skincare

How Does Skin Change During Pregnancy? 

It’s not new news at all - pregnancy-related skin changes are vast and vary for every woman. Hormones, and fluctuations in your cardiovascular system, can cause skin changes.

Some people may have 9 months of flawless skin. Others can have unfavorable skin conditions during their pregnancy. 

pregnancy survival kit skincare

Some of the most common skin changes to account for in any pregnancy survival kit include -

  1. Melasma: Hormonal fluctuations can cause pigmentation or darkened patches, known as melasma. This "mask of pregnancy,” develops in 50% of pregnancies during the second trimester.

  2. Acne: If you thought your teen years were bad, then pregnancy might take you by surprise. Increased oiliness due to the rise in progesterone can cause acne in the first trimester.  These breakouts do improve in the second trimester.

  3. Spider Veins: The increase in blood volume can cause the appearance of spider veins on the lower legs of pregnant women. Spider veins often reverse postpartum. But, compression socks are a good addition to a pregnancy survival kit to prevent their occurrence. 

  4. Stretch Marks: Expanding areas of the skin, such as the breasts and belly, can see stretch marks, regardless of oil application. 

Ingredients to Avoid During Pregnancy

pregnancy survival kit skincare

First things first - your doctor is the best person to tell you what is good for you to use during pregnancy. Yet, there are some ingredients that are avoided due to their harmful effects. 

Cosmetic items must be "safe" based on their specific applications and labeling. But, the FDA does not mandate clearance before the sale of these products. 

This raises serious concerns about which cosmetics are safe to use during pregnancy. Most experts (and hence we) err along the side of caution.


Vitamin A supports good skin, immunological, reproductive, and eye health. When you ingest it or absorb it via your skin, your body turns it into retinol.

Some anti-aging skin care products contain retinoids, a form of retinol. It has become a holy grail due to its ability to cure acne and diminish fine wrinkles. But, some studies have found retinoids to cause birth irregularities. Hence, doctors advise against their use during pregnancy. 

Read further to know pregnancy-safe ingredients to use instead for similar skin results. 


Hydroquinone lightens pigmentation caused by melasma and chloasma during pregnancy. There remains no confirmed relationship between hydroquinone and serious birth abnormalities.

Yet, the body absorbs a large amount of hydroquinone (35% to 45%) compared to other ingredients. Hence, doctors are against its use during pregnancy. 


Phthalates are endocrine-disruptive chemicals present in many cosmetics and personal care items. Cosmetics are the most common cause of phthalate exposure.

Phthalate exposure has been related to major developmental problems in human studies. Phthalates, also abundant in plastic packaging, can seep into personal care products.

Safe Skincare Ingredients for Your Pregnancy Survival Kit 

pregnancy survival kit skincare

A minimal and organic skincare routine for your skin that does not leave you worried is crucial. Here are some ingredients that we view as must-haves in any pregnancy survival kit. 

Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip Seed Oil has a lot of carotenoids. This type of vitamin A derivative possesses anti-aging, skin-brightening, and skin-regenerating qualities. It is a pregnancy-safe multi-tasker that reduces fine lines and pigmentation during pregnancy. 

Furthermore, Rosehip Seed Oil assists in avoiding the occurrence of stretch marks. This oil contains provitamin A, which helps to rejuvenate skin cells for tighter skin. Rosehip Seed Oil for pregnancy is definitely a favorite due to its incredible benefits as well as its gentle effect on the skin. 

Empress Naturals offers 100% pure and high-quality Rosehip Seed Oil sourced from Chile, South America. 

Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil can be a beneficial skincare product for pregnant women. It offers various advantages for addressing common pregnancy skin symptoms. Coconut oil is moisturizing, helping to reduce dryness and itching experienced during pregnancy.

It forms a protective barrier, prevents moisture loss, and maintains hydration. Applying coconut oil to areas prone to stretch marks helps improve skin elasticity.

It also doubles as an excellent first cleanse if your skin has become more dry during your pregnancy. It is a natural product free from harmful chemicals, making it a safe option during pregnancy. 

Prickly Pear Seed Oil

With nutrient-rich antioxidants, this botanical is moisturizing, providing intense hydration to the skin. It can help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, melasma, and dark spots. 

The oil has soothing properties that can ease skin irritation, redness, and inflammation. It is particularly effective at providing relief to sensitive skin conditions during pregnancy. Despite its nourishing benefits, prickly pear seed oil is lightweight. It gets absorbed by the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and non-greasy.

Empress Naturals' 100% pure and high-quality Moroccan Gold Prickly Pear Seed Oil is just what your skin needs!

Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Routine 

pregnancy survival kit skincare

With lots of information scattered across the web about pregnancy-safe routines, it can be confusing to build a routine. We put together a minimal routine that pregnant women can adapt to build a safe skincare routine. Remember, to pick the right skincare for your skin!

  1. Cleanse - Double cleanse using a gentle cleanser with natural and clean ingredients. We love the Hydrating Facial Cleanser by Natural Radiant Life. 

  2. Moisturise - Any serums or moisturizers safe for pregnancy come next. We swear by the Empress Serum Set for all things clean and organic. Its high concentration of antioxidants helps repair and restore pregnant skin. 

  3. Sun Protection - Add a mineral-based (never chemical!) broad-spectrum sunscreen to exposed skin to protect yourself from the sun.

  4. Body Care - Add a good massage or body oil to your nighttime routine to moisturize your body. The Empress Circulation Massage Oil is perfect to remove toxins and improve your blood circulation. It is truly a god sent for those swollen ankles! 


At Empress Naturals, we believe in year-round skin nourishment, healing, and repair. Industry experts have made our skincare line to cater to the specific needs of mature and aging skin to ensure ageless radiance and luminous skin.

Our mission is to give you 100% pure and organic skincare products so you feel incredible in your skin. We cultivate our ingredients from sustainable farms worldwide that harvest the highest quality without the use of hazardous preservatives or pesticides.

Our products, including 100% pure Rosehip Seed Oil, are safe to use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.Our products are non-toxic, clean, Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free with USDA Certified Organic ingredients. 

Our massage oils calm your nerves and improve your blood circulation to make you feel beautiful inside and outside. Along with our super serums, we offer 100% pure oils like the magical Prickly Pear oil and the miraculous Argan oil

Experience the power of clean skincare with Empress Naturals.

Disclaimer : We do recommend you consult with a medical professional as a safety precaution before using any new products if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding. 

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