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If you’re looking for a lengthy skincare routine filled with complex ingredient-rich products, you won’t find it here!

Instead of bombarding your skin with too many actives, at Empress Naturals we target your skincare concerns directly with powerful organic ingredients.


To Clean Ingredients

Empress Naturals was formed from the desire to create sustainable and approachable skincare for the matured woman.

We use no artificial ingredients or components that you can't pronounce. Our products are sourced ethically and meticulously researched by some of the best formulaters & scientists.

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We’re Committed To

Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Practices

Each product represents what we love about the world we live in.

We’ve worked hard to keep plastic-free, reducing plastic components in our packaging and the environment! Our amber-glass bottles are non-toxic, safely preserving your products, and 100% recyclable.

We hope they’ll inspire you too !

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We Focus On Quality

With clean ingredients, your skin won't have an adverse reaction to it.

At Empress Naturals we guarantee:

❌ No GMOs

❌ No parabens

❌ No artificial fragrances

❌ No sulfates

❌ No silicones

❌ No synthetic dyes

❌ No preservatives

❌ Not tested on animals.

Most skincare contains minuscule amounts of their featured actives; we strive to provide concentrated impactful formulations focusing on product efficacy. Because youthful skin is carefree, just like our skincare.

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Why Empress Naturals

Empress Naturals was formed to create a safe haven and standard for aging women. 

Your skin should shine like the wisdom you've acquired during the golden years of your life. Our natural ingredients alleviate all worries and confusion from your skincare routine.

No artificial ingredients or synthetic components.
Your skin deserves only the best and safest.

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Empress Naturals

Minimalist Skincare

• 100% Clean

• Cruelty-Free

• Vegan

• Sustainably-sourced


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Our PArtner Merchant

Our CEO's Recommendation Of Natural Products To Buy

As part of our mission to create a safe sanctuary for all natural products, we made sure to collaborate with stores that share our goal.



Hydrate and revitalise the sensitive skin around your eye and face. 

A lightweight moisturising eye cream for delicate face skin that absorbs quickly and leaves no heavy residue behind.

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The MASAMI 32 oz Refillable a sustainable bottle was designed to elevate any bathroom and last a lifetime.

It comes with a stainless steel pump and a 32 oz recyclable pouch filled with our high-performing luxurious Mekabu Hydrating Shampoo. 

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