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Paving the path towards ageless skin

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Organic Skincare is all the rage right now. It has gained immense momentum within the beauty industry and for most companies, it signifies a trend that they need to hop onto to appease their customers. At Empress Naturals, leading and organic, clean and conscious is much more than just a trend; it is a lifestyle towards care for individual health and environmental conservation. 

We all have daily beauty regimes and skincare routines, regardless of how elaborate or minimalistic they might be. By opting for organic and clean skincare, you can find effective solutions for your skin’s needs, problems, and wants and avoid the harmful side effects of regular products. Not only will your skin feel hydrated on the outside but also be healthy from within! 

You should opt to make the switch to an organic lifestyle if you want products that provide better efficacy, truly protect your skin and long-term health, and are conscious of their environmental impact. Whatever your reason is to switch to organic skincare, we strongly believe this switch will transform your skin and health for the better. 

Organic skincare has entered the mainstream skincare market in an abundance, making the switch so much easier for customers. Even then, picking the right products for your skin type and needs can be extremely confusing. The skincare aisles are flooded with products that claim to be ‘organic’ and ‘clean’ but, in reality, might not be. How do you pick the right products then? 

That's where Empress Naturals comes in! We are your skin's new BFF, caring and protecting it from within. Be it the best quality products or top-notch skincare advice, Empress Naturals’ directory will be your go-to for all things organic!

Empress Naturals Organic Skincare: The Key to Unlocking Ageless Skin 

Empress Naturals is a USDA Certified Organic Skincare company that caters to women above the age of 35, helping them restore and rejuvenate their skin to achieve a truly ageless complexion. Our formulations are also 100% Vegan, Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free, Non-Toxic, and Eco-Friendly. 

Empress Naturals’ formulations contain ingredients sourced straight from nature, made with the highest standards of quality and transparency. Our products only contain 100% pure, untouched, cold-pressed Rosehip Seed Oil from Chile, South America. Commonly known as ‘liquid gold’ , Rosehip Seed Oil has incredible anti-aging properties. Our partnering suppliers follow best practices for cleaner formulations, and our products contain no chemical preservatives. 

​​We strive to reduce our environmental footprint by sourcing from ethical farms. By purchasing from Empress Naturals, you will be directly empowering and supporting the work of local women cooperatives and communities. We have also worked hard to keep plastic free, reducing plastic components in our packaging and the environment! Our amber-glass bottles are non-toxic, safely preserving your products, and 100% recyclable while our shipping materials are produced using recyclable materials. 

We are passionate about adopting plant-based, organic products that are minimalistic, clean and good for mature skin without harming the environment or others. You can trust us with your skin because, for us, clean beauty is more than just a marketing gimmick.

Empress Naturals Organic Anti-Aging Skincare Range

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Empress Naturals Anti-Aging Face Serum - Super Nourishment for Ageless Skin

The perfect addition to your AM Skincare Routine. 

Rejuvenates, Exfoliates & Revitalizes.

Rosehip and Frankincense, revered throughout history as potent anti-agers, provide a fragrant and sensuous skincare solution that ensures product efficacy and excellent results.

Enjoy the luscious scent of exquisite rose and woodsy pine as this rich liquid gold absorbs into your skin. Our formula's superior ingredients have been formulated to battle the signs of aging before they affect your young skin.

You can purchase the Anti-Aging Face Serum here


  • Reduces photoaging: antioxidants protect against free-radical damage while fatty acids repair your skin’s barrier
  • Fights fine lines: gentle acids promote collagen production and boost elasticity for firmer, plumper skin
  • Improves complexion: brightening antioxidants and luxurious oils restore skin’s luminosity
  • Minimizes irritation: natural healing agents and anti-inflammatories promote healthier skin, with limited ingredients chosen to prevent over sensitization of your skin


  • USDA certified Organic Rosa Canina aka Rosehip Oil
  • USDA certified Organic Boswellia Serrata aka Frankincense Serrata

How to Use

  •   Cleanse and exfoliate your skin with a gentle cleanser.
  •   Take 2 to 3 drops of the Empress Anti-Aging Face Serum on your palm to warm it
  •   Apply the serum to your face, neck, and ears and gently massage it in
  •   Allow your skin 5 minutes to absorb its nourishing properties before proceeding with your skincare routine

Empress Naturals Luxe Night Elixir - Super Nourishment for Ageless Skin 

Healing your skin from within, as part of your PM Skincare Routine !

Re-texturizers, Brightens, Tightens & Replenishes

Your skin is one of the first things you wake up to; let our tireless elixir work all night for that youthful morning glow!

An amalgam of nourishing fatty-acid rich oils and vitamins, combat signs of aging with a shot of potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to fight stressors and replenish overtaxed skin.  

You can purchase the Empress Naturals Luxe Night Elixir here


  • Skin renewal: restructuring linoleic acid helps shed old skin cells for a brighter complexion
  • Fights Free-radicals: super stable antioxidants provide all-day protection against environmental pollutants and UV damage
  • Repair skin’s barrier: fatty acids moisturize and promote regeneration of your skin’s protective capacity.  
  • Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-microbial: the gentle formula helps soothe irritated, damaged skin while reducing blemishes 


  • USDA certified Organic Helianthus Annuus aka Sunflower Oil
  • USDA Certified Organic Rosa Canina aka Rosehip Oil
  • Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Organic Vitamin E Acetate
  • USDA certified Organic Pelargonium aka Geranium Oil
  • USDA certified Organic Lavandula aka Lavender Oil
  • Natural Squalane Oil 

How to Use

  •   Cleanse and exfoliate your skin using a gentle cleanser
  •   Take 3 to 5 drops of the Luxe Night Elixir on your fingertips.
  •   On damp skin, using a gentle touch, apply the serum to your face, neck, and ears.
  • Allow the serum 5 minutes to sink in before continuing with your nighttime skincare routine.

Who should use Empress Naturals Organic Anti-Aging Products?

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Empress Naturals’ Organic products are mainly curated for those with mature skin (women aged 35 and above) who want to achieve youthful complexion. However, we believe that to truly combat signs of aging, it is always smart to start early. 

Here are some signs of aging you need to look out for :

  1. Fine lines and wrinkles : For both men and women, fine lines and crow's feet are the most noticeable and, frequently, alarming indications of aging. The deterioration of elastin and collagen fibers that maintain our skin tight and firm causes wrinkles as we age.
  2. Dullness of skin: The youthful skin's glistening, dewy appearance gradually ages. The end result is faded complexion as a result of loss of moisture in the upper layer of skin. 
  3. Uneven skin tone: Your complexion becomes uneven in some areas as you age. This could be because some areas of the skin have more melanin, or it might be because of varying hormone levels. Due to this unevenness, skin may appear older than it actually is.
  4. Dry skin: Young, healthy skin is well hydrated, giving it a youthful, dewy look. This diminishes with age as the skin's capacity to hold moisture declines. Dryness and dehydration are common characteristics of older skin.
  5. Rough skin texture: Textural changes become apparent as skin ages. Due to the accumulation of multiple layers of dead cells and the slowed cell turnover, skin that was youthful and bouncy becomes uneven and rough on the surface.

You can read more about how incorporating the right anti-aging products into your skincare routine can benefit you in our last blog here.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Why does my new unit of Anti-Aging Face Serum or Luxe Night Elixir have a different color and scent?  

A: Plant-based components' color, consistency, and scent might change between harvests due to a variety of environmental factors. These variations are a result of Mother Nature and serve to reinforce our commitment to using only organic ingredients. 

Q: Will using facial oils make my skin feel greasy or oily?

A: No, it will not. Our hero ingredient, Rosehip Seed Oil, is a ‘Dry Oil’. This means it seeps right into your skin, hydrating it from within, leaving you with no oily or greasy feeling. 


Q: Are Empress Naturals products diluted with water?

A: Empress Naturals products are 100% anhydrous, i.e. waterless. You get the full potential of organic, vegan and clean actives that have anti-aging properties with zero dilution! 


Q: At what point in my skincare routine should I use the Anti-Aging Range?

A: Empress Naturals’ Anti Aging Face Serum is for AM use while the Luxe Night Elixir is our PM serum. Apply them after cleansing and toning your face in their respective routines. 


Q: Where else can I purchase Empress Naturals' Organic Skincare Products?

A: Other than our website, you can find Empress Naturals in stores at the Conscious Beauty Collective pop up stores. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements from the CBC about when they are coming to a city close to you!


Q: Where do you source your ingredients from? 

A: We only use ingredients that come from the purest sources. We import our ingredients directly from whatever nation produces the highest-quality supplies and formulate our products, all while ensuring ethical and sustainable practices.

Our Rosehip Seed Oil (Rosa Canina) comes straight from Chile, South America and our Frankincense (Boswellia Serrata) comes from Oman.


Q: Which of your products would you recommend to be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding? 

A: Although the suggested pregnancy products are clear of ingredients that might harm the developing fetus, we nevertheless strongly advise speaking with your doctor before putting any product on your skin during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. 

Summing Up

Empress Naturals’ Organic Skincare needs to be on your must-have list. They are incredibly kind on your skin and to the environment. When it comes to battling for the vitality and health of your skin, it's never too late to start. Develop the greatest skincare regimen and use the best products for your skin. Build your minimalist skincare routine that possesses the luxury of an empress, with Empress Naturals.

All-round Organic and Clean with Empress Naturals

At Empress Naturals, we believe in year-round skin nourishment, healing, and repair. Our Rosehip Oil-based skincare line is meticulously formulated by industry experts that cater to the specific needs of mature and aging skin ensuring ageless radiance and luminous skin.

Empress Naturals Anti-Aging Face Serum

Our Hero products - Anti-aging Day Serum and Luxe Night Elixir Serum are all you need to cover the essentials when it comes to aging skin.

Empress Naturals Luxe Night Elixir

Our mission is to provide 100% pure and organic skincare products that make you feel incredible in your skin. We carefully cultivate our ingredients from sustainable farms worldwide that harvest the highest quality without the use of hazardous preservatives or pesticides. Our products are non-toxic, clean, Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free with USDA Certified Organic ingredients

Empress Naturals' Story

In fact, our products, including the revered and 100% pure Rosehip Seed Oil, are safe to use even during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. However, we do recommend you consult with a medical professional as a safety precaution before using new products.

Our massage oils are known to calm your nerves and improve your blood circulation to make you feel beautiful inside and outside. Along with our super serums, we offer 100% pure oils like the magical Prickly Pear oil and the miraculous Argan oil.

Experience the power of clean skincare with Empress Naturals.

Empress Naturals Anti-aging Combo Set

*Disclaimer: We highly recommend that you contact a trained health professional, before introducing any products into your routine especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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