How to Perfect Your Travel Skincare Routine: Organic Skincare Essentials

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A complete guide to eco-friendly travel skincare routine

Imagine the warm embrace of golden sun rays on your skin as you step off the plane to embark on that long-awaited vacation that's giving you a break from real life. 

The sheer thrill of discovering new cities and immersing yourself in a vast sea of cultural richness creates an irresistible charm.

However, while you begin your summer vacation, it's critical to remember about your skin, your body's biggest organ. You skin is also on its own journey—one that requires careful attention and protection from the elements.

Travel-friendly skincare routine

Summer is the ideal travel season (who can resist that European sun!). This is the time when we revel in the appeal of varied landscapes. We relish the freedom of discovering new places.

However, hours on long haul flights, the scorching heat, humid weather, and environmental aggressors may wreak havoc on our skin. This is especially true for mature skin, that already needs extra attention.

While you enjoy the pleasures of vacation, you need the right care to keep your skin vibrant, nourished, and protected from harmful environmental factors. This will allow you to completely enjoy the marvels of summer without jeopardizing your skin's health.

In this blog, we want to cover some of the best travel tips that will be crucial in maintaining healthy and radiant skin!

Travel-friendly skincare routine

Together, we'll discover the power of natural ingredients, the significance of a well-rounded routine, and the ultimate secret to maintaining a youthful glow, even under the sun's relentless gaze.


Travel-friendly skincare routine

Travel skincare #1: Deep Cleanse

The most obvious difference when traveling from cold to hot climates is that your skin is likely to perspire more. For those with a history of acne, this can be a breakout trigger - not so much the excess moisture itself, but because it remains on your skin for a longer period of time.

We recommend a thorough cleanse twice a day to remove sweat, sunscreen, and dirt from the skin so your products penetrate better and heal your skin from within. Use a gentle cleanser made with purifying ingredients like the one from Natural Radiant Life

Travel skincare #2: Replenishing Moisturization 

The Empress Naturals Serum Set (10ml) aka our bestsellers are now available in travel-friendly spill-proof packaging.

Empress Naturals combo set

Crafted with care, these luxurious serums contain Rosehip Seed Oil sourced from small batches in South America and the rejuvenating properties of Frankincense. Replenish dry skin, prevent photoaging, and nourish your skin from within during travel with these roll-on bottles. 

Travel skincare #3: Lip Care

The low humidity associated with airline cabins can be extremely drying for the skin. Any flight that lasts more than four hours will be felt by your skin, especially on the lips, which are quite sensitive. An occlusive lip balm like the Pharmacopia Lip Elixir used on a regular basis is necessary.

Travel skincare #4: After-Sun Care

Don't neglect your body during summer adventures. Our nourishing Luxury Massage Oils are here to rescue your skin from sun exposure and dryness caused by water activities.

Enriched with essential oils, they replenish and promote blood circulation, revealing a radiant complexion. Conveniently, these oils easily fit into your bag for on-the-go skincare and they also double as incredible body oils so your skin looks fresh and radiant at the beach all day long!

Mix it with a little bit of your favorite body oil for an added shimmer glow. 


Hydration For Your Skin And Beyond

Traveling can dehydrate your skin, especially in hot and dry climates. Drink plenty of water, keep your meals high in antioxidants with green leafy vegetables to keep your body and skin hydrated from within. Additionally, use a hydrating facial mist or carry a travel-sized moisturizer to keep your skin refreshed throughout the day.

Board With The Essentials

Board your flight well-prepared, knowing that your skin will stay fresh and radiant wherever your travels take you. Remember to include the following items:

  • the best makeup remover for your skin (.we recommend an all skin type-friendly micellar water),
  • a nourishing moisturizer with SPF,
  • a mist spray, and
  • lip balm. 

Consistency Is Always Key

The biggest shock to your skin is when travel hinders the ability for you to remain consistent and feed your skin the nutrients it requires. Keeping your travel skincare in check will do wonders in preventing any unwanted dryness or acne when you land at your destination. 

Travel-friendly skincare routine


At Empress Naturals, we believe in year-round skin protection and healing. Our skincare line is meticulously formulated to cater to the specific needs of mature skin including during travel.

Our mission is to provide you with 100% pure and organic skincare products that make you feel incredible in your own skin. We prioritize ingredients sourced directly from nature, ensuring ageless radiance and luminous skin. We do this without exposing your precious skin to thousands of toxic ingredients that are still legally used in many products. 

In fact, our products, including the revered Rosehip Seed Oil, are safe to use even during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. However, we recommend consulting with a medical professional to be safe.

Empress Naturals clean sustainable skincare

Rest assured, our products are non-toxic, clean, USDA Certified Organic, and Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free. We carefully cultivate our ingredients from sustainable farms worldwide, without the use of hazardous preservatives. 

Experience the power of clean skincare with Empress Naturals.

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