Are You Thinking of Switching to Organic Skincare? 

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Think back to your daily routine from start to finish. Shampoos, moisturizers, serums and sunscreens that you use on a daily basis but have you glanced at their lengthy ingredient lists? Chances are you would not recognise most ingredients on the list and have no idea why they are in your products. 

This is the reality of majority women who are unaware of the consequences of the harmful toxins and preservatives present in their daily-use products. In a time where we are vigilant about what food is put in our body, it is equally important to be conscious of what you use to nurture it from the outside.

Your skin is under constant attack from environmental pollutants, UV exposure, unhealthy lifestyles, high stress, aging and the like. But protecting it is not as difficult as it may seem. If you are wondering about making the switch to an organic routine but don't know if it’s the right choice, keep reading as we spill all of its incredible secrets. 

What does ‘organic’ mean? 

Organic skincare

The word ‘organic’ has been seen everywhere recently. From food to skincare, everything claims to be organic. That makes it confusing for customers to pick the right products that suit them. 

Globally recognised organic farming standards differ, but in general, organic farms avoid using synthetic or lab-made compounds like chemical pesticides, sulfates, parabens, etc.

Instead, organic farms use natural ingredients to maintain the quality of their products. Organic farming is thought to be less damaging to the environment. 

For a product to be certified organic in the USA, it must 

  • include plant extracts, essential oils that are derived naturally. 
  • enable recycling of resources 
  • conserve biodiversity 
  • improve the quality of soil/air 

If you want to learn more about the importance of organic skincare in the history of cultures across the world, make sure you read our blog

Here’s Why You Should Choose Organic Skincare

Natural and Recognizable Ingredients: 

Now pick up an organic skin care product and read its ingredients. Most, if not all would be familiar to you. Plants or other natural substances are the sources of certified organic goods.

More significantly, those organic components are farmed without the use of synthetic fertilizers, GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, or other additions or chemicals. With that, you can be confident that your skin and body are absorbing only real, healthy nutrients. 

Organic Skincare Products Work Better

It has been shown that plants produced organically have a greater concentration of essential natural antioxidants than non-organic species.

Their organic components are free from contamination because they were cultivated without the use of pesticides and herbicides, which also applies to your body and skin

Additionally, active compounds can make up to 95% of the composition of organic skin care products in comparison to the standard 5-10% for other products. 


The absence of harsh-chemicals, makes most organic skincare extremely allergy friendly because it can be used by those who have sensitive skin vulnerable to inflammation, rashes, or irritation.

It is also ideal for those with mature skin that requires additional care. If allergic reactions were to occur after using an organic skincare product, it could be because of a natural ingredient that is easier to identify.

Organic is Better for Long-Term Health

While the synthetic ingredients present in non-organic products might produce quick results, they are also intrusive and can harm you in ways you cannot see. Instantly noticeable benefits like minimizing blemishes, eradicating sunspots, and smoothing out wrinkles may provide instant gratification.

However, as your body attempts to adjust to these foreign substances, these chemicals might weaken and harm your skin and overall health over time.

When using natural and certified organic skincare products, you can be confident that you're getting the full nutrient benefit from the product. Organic skincare products are kind to your skin and won't hurt you in the long term, even though their effect may be slower.

You are Helping Conserve the Environment

Organic products don't have a negative impact on the environment, especially the land, water, and air. They employ naturally grown components devoid of poisonous pesticides and fertilizers.

Additionally, organic farming is better for wildlife, requires fewer pesticide and fertilizer sprays, creates less carbon dioxide, and generates less hazardous wastes. Utilizing organic goods will reduce your environmental effect and promote environmental sustainability.

Find the Organic Fit For Your Skin

Organic skincare has benefits that far surpass the cons of its counterparts. If you want to switch to organic skincare, Empress Naturals is the obvious choice! 


Empress Naturals is a 100% Pure and Organic Skincare brand that aims to nourish mature skin using ingredients that are sourced straight from nature, with zero harmful ingredients. We offer ageless radiance and glowing skin without compromising your skin or overall health.

Our products are USDA Certified Organic, Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free, clean, and non-toxic. With ZERO harmful preservatives, all our ingredients are grown ethically and sourced from sustainable farms across the world. 

Explore clean skincare by Empress Naturals. Invest in your health! 

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