An ultimate guide to self massage at home in 2023

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Unlock Your Body's Potential: Master Self-Massage with These Simple Techniques

Nothing beats the feeling of total serenity after you’ve wrapped up a long week and are eagerly waiting on some TLC on the weekend.

After all, self-care has been (and rightfully so!) one of the biggest growing trends during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. We think that if there’s anything we should always remind ourselves, it’s that we need to listen to our bodies when they need us to slow down. 

A simple guide to self massage techniques

Our world changed in so many ways during the pandemic and in our quest to adapt efficiently, we forgot to stop and keep track of all the habits we had that benefited our overall health.

Hours spent in front of your laptop at an uncomfortable angle, strained eyes from the blue light, the lack of circulation in your feet due to the lack of movement all day - are all changes that have been occurring due to the predominantly work-from-home lifestyle we’ve gotten sucked into. 

If the last three years have flown past you and you haven’t had the opportunity to finally take care of yourself, let this be your reminder : Your body and soul both need some time off.

When we realize we’re due for a break, we follow a simple reset routine complete with the best self-massage. Why massage ? Well because it not only alleviates pain from aching shoulders but also resets for the upcoming week. 

Elizabeth Koshy on self-massage

“You can hold tension and stress in body parts without even realizing it. A self-massage is the perfect way for you to not only recognise which body parts are heavier, stiffer than necessary but also help you relieve that pain in a calming and soothing way. That’s what a self-massage means to me”,

says Elizabeth Koshy, CEO Empress Naturals. 

A Self-Massage Can Significantly Improve Your Weekend. Here’s how

It’s no secret that your body and mind are always in sync. But that's not limited to only the good things!

Any imbalances will also have a relapsed effect on the other. A self-massage has the ability to build your self-awareness in ways that impact more than just your physical symptoms of stress. 

An ultimate guide to self massage

Self-massage helps to rejuvenate the blood circulation system, which means your body is getting the necessary levels of oxygen and glucose to various cells while  also removing toxins. A self-massage can have the following benefits for your overall well being, making it the perfect addition to your self-care routine. 

A self-massage like most other self-care practices is an act of love, for yourself and your body. It helps you get in touch with your body and understand it from a perspective of giving instead of taking.

Whatever you're going through, self-massage will bring you back into balance. It boosts circulation, enhances organ function, aids in detoxification, and improves sleep. It also offers several additional possible advantages, such as delaying aging, moisturizing your skin, and decreasing injury.

It's among the most effective methods to relieve modern-day worry while still leaving your skin smooth and luminous.

Elizabeth Koshy at Victoria Gardens outlet

“I rarely go to the spa. It’s always a great experience whenever I do but a self-massage is always something I pick over the spa. It’s an intimate experience that makes me feel like I have spent some time understanding everything my mind and body went through over the week. I spend time massaging my body and in return get feedback on how the week has impacted me physically and emotionally. It's a great time for reflection while I prepare myself for the week ahead”,
says Elizabeth. 



When you walk into the gym, you’re not starting your workout without setting up your playlist, are you? It's the same way with your self massage routine. Your space is just as important as the actual act of massage. It plays a role in calming and unwinding.

Light a candle, play some relaxing music, switch on the TV to watch a feel-good movie- the world is your oyster. 

Setting the mood for self-massage

Once you've set the mood, it's time to make sure all the things you need for your self-massage are close by. Nothing ruins flow more than having to walk up the stairs to get your gua sha in the middle of your massage. 

Elizabeth keeps her massage oils (one for calming and one for circulation), guasha, hot stones for her feet, and sleep time tea (any tea with chamomile!) with her before every self-massage. 


Once you have all the things you need for your massage, Elizabeth recommends starting from head to toe. 

Empress Tip
You don't have to do a full-body self-massage every time! You can break it up into parts and do necessary ones when needed! 

Head Self-Massage

  1. Begin by using your hands or a massage tool to apply medium pressure on the top of your head. 
  2. If you're applying oils, first dip the tips of your fingers in the oil before beginning the massage.
  3. In little circular strokes, massage your scalp. Massage for 5 minutes, covering your entire head.

Neck Self-Massage

  1. Bring your right hand to the bottom of your neck, where it joins your shoulder.
  2. Press your index and middle finger into your neck. Move your fingers up towards the base of your scalp while maintaining pressure.
  3. Continue for another 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side of your neck.

Shoulder Self-Massage

  1. Middle trapezius: Locate your middle trapezius with your fingertips; it's the area on your back where your neck and shoulders meet. Apply pressure for 10 to 30 seconds before releasing. Repeat this action as required until you feel pain relief or a deeper level of relaxation.

  2. Upper trapezius: Bend your right arm at the elbow so that you can feel your upper trapezius on the right side.  Begin with your fingers on the outside of your trap muscle, aka your shoulders, and work your way inside, towards your neck. Repeat gently several times until you feel your trap muscles loosen. Do the same thing on your right side. 

Hamstring Self-Massage

For a hamstring self-massage, you can choose to use either your fingers or a foam roller. 

  1. With fingers: Use your thumb as the primary pressure on your hamstrings while the other fingers help you keep your leg stable. Drag your thumb upwards towards your knee. 
  2. With foam roller: Face up on the foam roller, with the roller beneath your butt. Place your hands behind you on the floor. Roll slowly towards your knee, then return to the starting position directly below your butt.


A few words of caution before you dive in and begin massaging your neck with wild enthusiasm.

Massage each region for 30 seconds to one minute to lessen the likelihood of becoming sore later on. Be attentive of the body parts you intend to massage so that you do not inadvertently injure yourself. 


  • Choose the best oil combinations for your massage.
    Every oil, whether carrier or essential, has a function in your massage. Find products that contain the correct oils for your requirements, or DIY your own. Use our
    guide to help you choose the best massage oil for you!

  • Heat the oil.
    This is standard procedure for most self-massages, regardless of the oil used. It helps you to compensate for any characteristics in the surroundings or on your body, resulting in improved absorption of the massage oil into your skin. 

  • Move down from the head.
    You may massage various regions of your body on different days, or you could have a complete body massage every day. (trust us, it only takes 15 minutes). Whatever massage you choose, always begin at the top and work your way down. To encourage direct blood flow, move from your extremities to your heart. Move your feet to your thighs or your neck to your heart. 


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