Step Up Your Menopausal Skincare and Wellness Routine: 3 Must-Haves

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Menopausal skincare must-haves

Have you ever heard the nickname often used in conversation about menopause : ‘The Change’.

Well, it's not unheard of and definitely not inaccurate. It’s no secret that menopause is one of the biggest biological changes you go through in your entire life. Your routine, holy-grail products, attitude on wellness - all can change faster than you realize; simply because your body needs care in a different way! 

Menopause wellness and skincare

It’s important to have a positive attitude towards menopause - but that doesn’t magically get rid of the very real symptoms that accompany it.

But first, here’s how you know you are menopausal - in the absence of other symptoms, skipping your period for a year means you have entered menopause. Typically, women are seen to enter menopause in their 50s.

That’s when most of the not-so-fun symptoms start creeping up. Heat flashes, night chills, and irregular periods come into play, as they're all indicators that your ovaries are producing less estrogen. 

With so many changes occurring internally, your body is bound to experience visible changes, especially with respect to skin health. But that doesn't mean all is lost!

Menopausal skin wellness and skincare

We’re looking at the best skin and wellness practices to help smoothen and maintain your transition into menopause, filled with the best tips and tricks.

From DIY recipes to holy-grail products that will make your life so much easier without compromising on health, we’ve got you covered! 

Skin Change during Menopause

As you get older, your skin's epidermis often alters due to a combination of extrinsic or intrinsic factors. Pollution, stress, and sun exposure are examples of extrinsic variables that can cause your skin to age.

In contrast, inherent variables that cause skin to age over time include collagen loss. Collagen is the protein that gives our skin its structure and elasticity, so losing it over time can cause our skin to appear and feel older. 

As you progress from perimenopause to menopause, your body produces less estrogen in your ovaries while producing more androgens, or masculine sex hormones like testosterone.

Estrogen stimulates the production of collagen and elasticity in our bodies. These proteins are necessary for keeping your epidermis moisturized and healthy. As a consequence of this abrupt imbalance, you have dry skin on your face, body, and just about anywhere else.

The loss of skin hydration and decreased collagen synthesis can make a significant difference in the look of the face. Once hormones start to decrease, the skin becomes thinner, wrinkled, and saggy. 

But enough about this change! We all know it is bound to happen at some point. What we need to learn more about is how we can alter our routine to better facilitate the change and maintain our skin and overall health. After all, the aim is not to stop or reverse menopause but learn how to adapt and benefit from it. 

Elizabeth Koshy - Founder of menopausal skincare brand

We asked our resident expert and CEO, Elizabeth Koshy on her insider tips and tricks on how she takes care of her skin and body in her wellness journey.

We’ve got her must-have skincare and secrets that help her maintain a consistent menopause routine. 

Our 3-step Skincare Routine For Menopause Skin 

Empress Naturals

Elizabeth emphasizes her one rule- when it comes to skin, keep it simple, keep it minimalistic.

Your skin is already going through a lot in how you live your daily life. Bombarding it with more products and action isn’t helping its cause. Instead, cutting down your 12-step routine to more basic, natural ingredients that your skin actually needs will be better value for your skin’s health and your wallet. 

Menopause skincare step #1: Cleanse

The first step in any routine should be to cleanse your face, which might seem like a simple and obvious step but is often overlooked! Imagine trying to improve your health without getting rid of the root cause.

Cleanse your skin

That's what treating skin that has not been cleaned properly is like! Our skin is subjected to so many pollutants and stresses during the day that cleansing it at night seems obvious. 

The trouble here lies in picking the right cleanser that suits menopausal skin. Here are our recommendations for you to find the right cleanser for your skin type once you can identify its type! 

  • Oily skin
    Use a gel cleanser to help eliminate excess grime from your face that may have accumulated during the day or night. Ingredients like niacinamide and salicylic acid can help to control and eliminate extra oil.
  • Acne-prone skin
    Use a gentle wash with anti-blemish chemicals like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. 
  • Dry skin
    If you have dry skin, search for a moisturizing oil or balm composition that includes ceramides and plant oils.

Want to try a DIY cleanser instead? We’ve got you covered!

Empress Tip

Here’s Elizabeth’s favorite recipe for an at-home cleanser: 

Elizabeth koshy - DIY cleanser

Elizabeth makes her own blend of castor oil,Coconut Oil, pomegranate oil, raspberry Oil, with Ylang Ylang essential oil for the perfect citrusy ‘wake my skin’ perfume. She uses this oil blend to soothe and cleanse her skin which helps her combination mature skin. Wipe with a clean, warm wet towel and you’re good to go to nourish your skin further. 

Menopause skincare step #2: Hydrate and Replenish

Cleansing strips your skin of all dirt and grime. But that means it also cleanses your skin of any protection and hydration. Now’s the step where we replenish mature skin so it can continue to heal and glow!

Here’s where the magic of a minimalistic routine comes in. The perfect formulations that give your skin all the nourishment it needs in one product. The right products will help you not only cut down on time and money but also not let you compromise your skin health in any way! 


AM Routine

Elizabeth uses Empress Naturals’ AM Serum from the Serum Set in the morning. The simplest but effective blend of Rosehip Seed Oil and Frankincense, this formulation is lightweight and provides your skin with the protection it needs every morning.

Your skin will never feel heavy or overburdened with this serum. It helps restore the radiance of complexion throughout the day, and the Vitamin A in Rosehip Seed Oil works wonders for the main objective, anti-aging.

PM Routine

Your nighttime routine is to heal, repair and nourish. Does that mean more actives = better results?

Absolutely not! But one product that is perfectly formulated with the right natural and organic ingredients to nourish your skin ; that’s what you need!

Our Luxe Night Elixir is just that!

It contains an amalgamation of seven of the best facial oils for your skin including Rosehip Seed Oil which is known for its antioxidant, nourishing, and anti-aging properties.

It doesn’t clog your pores and instead sinks right into your skin, imparting a glow from within! That means you will be sleeping with the best ingredients working their magic on your skin every night! 

Empress Tip
We strongly recommend you limit yourself to a one-active-rule in your routine so as to not overburden your skin barrier. 

Menopause skincare step #3: Don’t Forget Your Body 

Body massage oil is important selfcare

It’s more neglected than we like to think. We often think about all the changes happening to skin on your face but seldom the body. Your body skin also needs to be nourished so you can feel hydrated and healthy all over. But maintaining skin health need not be complicated. 

Your body wellness is one massage away!

We truly believe in the healing power of self-massages to help your body get the nutrition it needs and relaxation it deserves. There are multiple recipes that you can find online for the right kind of oils for self-massage.

But Elizabeth has very specific needs when it comes to taking care of her mature skin. That’s why she created the two massage oils she thinks every menopausal woman can benefit from - Our
Calming Massage Oil and Circulation Massage Oil

AM Day-time Routine

10 minutes in the morning with the Circulation Massage Oil could change your day! 

With powerful antioxidants such as Juniper Berry, Rosemary, and Sage this oil helps alleviate toxins from your bloodstream, leaving your muscles feeling rejuvenated for the day to come! You’ll feel energized and relaxed at the same time. 

PM Night-time Routine

The Calming Massage Oil is the last piece to your menopause skincare puzzle. is perfect for your nights because it does so much for your skin in one step.

It is a massage oil filled with Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Sweet Marjoram that is anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, and anti-anxiety. Not only does it take care of your body from the outside, but it also offers unparalleled rest!

Going to bed after your self-massage will help you fall asleep better and have a more restful night. 


Empress Naturals skin care is designed with minimum ingredients to promote general wellbeing. Who has time for an 8-step routine?

Empress Naturals' goal is to provide you with 100% Pure and Organic Skincare. We nourish menopausal skin with ingredients derived from nature. We give you eternal radiance and luminous skin without subjecting you to the thousands of toxic chemicals that are still allowed in skincare.

 Empress Naturals - Certified Organic, vegan, clean and minimalistic skincare

Our products are non-toxic, clean, USDA Certified Organic, and Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free. All of our ingredients are carefully grown and obtained from sustainable farmers around the globe, with ZERO hazardous preservatives.

Enhance your menopausal wellness routine with Empress Naturals. Your self-care rituals will only benefit your health!

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