How to Transition from Winter into a Minimalist Spring Skin Routine: The Ultimate Guide

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Here’s something we love more than the beautiful snow that comes with winter - slowly inching towards the warmer months filled with warmth, fun, and ice cream! Winter has almost left us behind and that means we can finally say goodbye to extra dry and itchy skin.

You might have spent your winter layering on products but with the dry air finally leaving us and humidity becoming a constant in your everyday lifestyle, it’s time to prepare your winter skin for the sunny days outdoors. It’s the season for glow! 

Winter to Spring glow

Spring is here and you know what that means : spring cleaning, including your self-care routine! The spring season of decluttering is well underway, and with it comes the reminder that we should tackle our skincare, haircare, and self-care routines equally.

Clean Skincare to the Rescue

The last couple of years have been super focused on clean skincare which probably means you have accumulated a plethora of products that you tested but never use.

It’s finally time to dig into the vast collection lying at the bottom of your drawer and get rid of the products taking up wasteful space in your vanity. Find products that work for you and stick to them. 

Sounds like an impossible task? Well, that’s what we’re here to help you with. We have curated the perfect list of products you need for the ultimate skin and hair protection to smoothen your transition from winter to spring!

And here’s the best part: they are all clean, non-toxic, and high performing products with minimalist steps! Keep on reading to know more about how you can build the perfect routine to combat this spring season. 


Empress Natural’s Prickly Pear Oil

This beautiful formulation is our CEO, Elizabeth’s swiss army knife to target her skin and hair woes. It has one of the highest concentrations of critical fatty acids and antioxidants known.

Our lightweight precious Prickly Pear promotes microcirculation and protects the skin from free radicals thanks to its high concentration of sterols, tocopherols, and Vitamin E.

    Fun Fact: Prickly Pear is a desert shrub that helps to keep your natural moisture locked in for luminous, vibrant skin.

    Empress Tip: You can use this oil both before and after washing your hair. Apply the prickly pear oil on your hair before shampoo as a conditioning mask. After washing your hair, you can use Prickly Pear Oil as a serum to control frizz. It adds a lot of life back to your hair making it look shinier and healthier! 

    MASAMI’s Mekabu Shampoo & Conditioner

    This is by far our favorite hair care and cleansing products because of the varying benefits it provides. 

    This exquisite shampoo is a low foaming formula, enriched with the power of the Japanese ocean plant Mekabu, that nourishes, brings shine and moistures all hair types.

    MASAMI's nutrient-rich composition strengthens and revitalizes hair.  MASAMI Shampoo is the utmost in botanical moisture for hair and scalp nutrition.

    Their Hydrating conditioner is enriched with the moisturizing properties of the  Mekabu, as well as seaweed, blueberry extract, aloe vera, Vitamin B, and other potent antioxidants. This lightweight conditioner nourishes the hair and scalp, restoring suppleness, gloss, and manageability.

    Elizabeth LOVES these products for her hair and we’re confident you will too!

    Empress Naturals’ Serum Set

    Empress Naturals Serum set
    This must-have duo is the perfect serum set for all skin types. A minimalistic AM/PM duo with USDA Certified Organic Rosehip Seed Oil and rich in Vitamin A. This 2-step regime will help boost collagen formation, increase cell turnover, and leave you with radiant skin with regular use. 

    Step 1: Begin your day with our Anti-Aging Serum, an exquisite blend of two of history's most skin-loving natural oils, Rosehip Seed Oil and Frankincense, to combat aging signs before they appear.

    Step 2: Add the vitamin-rich Luxe Night Elixir into your bedtime skincare regimen to rejuvenate overworked skin with a burst of strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

    Natural Radiant Life’s Hydrating Mist

    A toner is super important in any winter to spring skincare transition. Your skin is not going to be as dry and flaky as before and will love the extra glow with the right toner. 

      Try Natural Radiant Life’s Hydrating Mist with Bamboo Water, Fulvic Acid Mineral Complex , and Organic Orange Essential Oil. It brightens, tones, and hydrates your skin making it feel refreshed on-the-go. 

      Use the toner after washing your face and your skin will have the most perfect luminous glow! 



        While the word spring cleaning refers to a once-a-year occasion of simplifying your skincare, it might be beneficial to do it more often.

        Spring clean your skincare at least every six months, giving shelves and containers a thorough dust down, so you can also remind yourself of forgotten products that your self-care routine might miss. 

        Out-of-date products are among the first things to look for. If you're not sure when you bought anything, look for these telltale signs: slightly odd odors, change in color, suspicious films or any oil separations. 

        Then, decide what you want to keep and what must go. Separate your products into categories or the step they fall in your routine. That will make it easier for you to declutter and get rid of products you don’t use anymore. Consider whether a product is suitable for your skin and whether you are likely to use it again, considering the seasonal change.

        If you want to be truly kind to yourself, the simplest approach to reduce your spring clean burden is to adopt a minimalist approach to your buying and routine habits.

        The first approach in minimalism is always looking at what you are purchasing and putting limitations in place to avoid any impulsive shopping. Try using the "one in, one out" rule, or using your products before purchasing new ones' explains Ibbotson. If you believe you have an excess of skincare products, evaluate why.' 

        Understanding where you're overbuying will help make the minimalist routine much simpler because not only will you be saving a lot of time and money but also using products that actually work effectively for your skin and take little to no effort. 

      3. DON'T OVERDO IT

        It is so important to treat your winter skin with the right ingredients and not over stimulate it.

        Multiple active products might undermine the skin barrier, so giving your skin time to acclimatize to any new regimen is critical, especially if you are swapping multiple products together. 

        Over exfoliating, for instance, is a typical error that we make because we want to see results fast. On the contrary, most skincare takes 4-12 weeks to show its effects on your skin. 

        'Exfoliating may be a terrific addition to a routine, but exfoliating too much can cause breakouts, sensitivity, and irritation. Exfoliate only a few times each week, with products that help your skin instead of stripping it dry. If you're unclear which path to take, contacting a physician is a wise investment.


      Empress Naturals’ skincare is formulated specifically for your overall wellness with minimal products. Our products are ideal for mature skin, regardless of the season or your skin type! 

      Our aim at Empress Naturals is to provide you with 100% Pure and Organic Skincare. We nurture mature skin (winter or spring) with ingredients that come directly from nature. We provide ageless radiance and luminous skin without exposing your skin to the thousands of toxic ingredients that are still legal in the country.

      Our products are non-toxic, clean, USDA Certified Organic, and Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free. All of our ingredients are cultivated responsibly and sourced from sustainable farms throughout the world with ZERO hazardous preservatives.

      Empress Naturals skincare

      Explore clean skincare by Empress Naturals. Your self-care rituals will only benefit your health!

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