Insider's View: Our CEO's mantra for creating a Minimalist & Clean Morning Ritual

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Creating your best minimalist skincare routine

Who has the time every morning to complete an 8-step skincare routine? Whether you have to get to work, get your children out the door for school, or simply because you cannot be bothered to remember each step and purpose of your skincare products; a routine longer than 4 simple and effective steps is a big no-no for our CEO, Elizabeth Koshy. 

Elizabeth Koshy - CEO Empress Naturals

In the past decade, she has shifted her routine from chemically laden products towards more nature-focused and plant-based skincare. Her skin is definitely reeling in the benefits of a clean and simple skincare routine.

Using potent ingredients that provide fantastic results without any side effects, means that she finally has products that she can trust and enjoy every morning. 

If you want some tips from our resident skin-expert about how Elizabeth has perfected her minimalist skincare morning routine, skincare and all, keep on reading! 

Why Choose Clean and Minimalist?

Before we dive into her morning rituals, we wanted to understand why choosing clean skincare was such a priority for Elizabeth. 

“I switched to clean beauty because of health issues that I experienced almost five years ago. Being under the constant threat of hormonal imbalances or endocrine disorders seemed like a heavy price to pay to continue using these over the counter products.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved some of those products but at the end of the day, my health is my priority. Clean skincare whose ingredients I knew and recognised is the only thing that assured me of my skin’s and health safety. And that's where Empress Naturals’ was born.” 

Elizabeth’s concerns are not one-off. Surveys have found, now more than ever, that more than 50% of women above the age of 35 are looking for skincare that is clean, green, and all-natural. Whether it be for the environment, personal health, or simply personal choice, the demand for a clean and simple routine is set to increase with time.

Minimalist Skincare Morning Must-Haves

Creating a Mindful Space 

Elizabeth’s first ritual in the morning (especially on those days when meetings start a little bit later) is to spend some time with herself completing her refreshing rituals.  

“I am a firm believer that the most expensive of creams are not going to do anything for my skin and body unless I treat my mind with respect and patience.” 

She starts her day with a tablespoon of locally sourced organic honey, straight from the jar. “I was recently told that adding honey to hot water dilutes its properties so I take a tablespoon of just honey followed by my morning drink.”

Elizabeth Koshy's anti-inflammatory drink

Elizabeth’s Anti-Inflammatory Drink :


  • 1 cup of hot water
  • 2 slices of lemon
  • 1 tablespoon cubed ginger
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • A pinch of ground black pepper

Mix all ingredients into the hot water and stir. Enjoy! 

“My morning mindfulness routine is a part of my daily self-care and super important for me to be able to express my gratitude for everything that nature and life has provided me with. It’s my time for meditation and reflection into everything I want to put my effort into for the day ; it always leaves me feeling ready for the day!”, says Elizabeth. 

10 Minute Minimalist Morning Skincare Routine

With very little time and a million other things on her mind every morning, Elizabeth has made it a point to keep her morning skincare routine simple, effective and relaxing. 


Cleanse your skin

Basic, yet so necessary ; cleansing your face must be the first step in any routine. Our skin is exposed to so many environmental pollutants and stressors during the day that cleansing your skin at night seems evident. But, many opt not to cleanse their skin in the morning. 

“Cleansing my face in the morning not only removes any build up that might have settled on my face through the night but also makes me feel refreshed to take on the day.

I keep cleansing as the most simple and straightforward step of my routine, be it day or night because it has only one purpose ; to cleanse my skin for all the actives I want to nourish my skin with.”

Empress Tip
For those with combination and mature skin that requires some extra love, Elizabeth uses her own blend with castor oil, coconut oil, and pomegranate oil in a carrier oil (she loves her oils to soothe her skin!) 

Find the Right Cleanser for You: 

  1. Oily skin: Use a gel cleanser that can help remove extra dirt from your skin that might build up throughout the day or night. Ingredients such as niacinamide or salicylic acid can regulate and remove any excess oil.
  2. Acne-prone skin should use a mild cleanser containing blemish fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide. 
  3. Dry skin: If you have dry skin, look for an oil or balm formulation that has moisturizing components such as ceramides and botanical oils.

Empress Tip
It is crucial to make sure you do not overburden your skin with actives because it can cause more harm than good. Try maintaining a 'one main-active rule' in your routine so as to not damage your skin barrier. 


After a thorough cleanse that leaves your skin feeling soft and craving for some love, comes moisturization. 

AM serum - Empress Naturals

Elizabeth loves using her AM Serum from Empress Naturals’ Serum Set

‘It is the perfect serum and moisturizer for me and everyone who has used it says the same thing. It is such a simple formulation of Rosehip Seed Oil and Frankincense that my skin never feels overburdened with the product.

It helps restore my skin’s luminosity throughout the day and yet the Vitamin A in Rosehip Seed Oil works wonderfully towards my biggest skin concern ; anti-aging. All I need is 2-3 drops at the beginning of my routine and my skin glows all day!’ 

Elizabeth’s Secret Tip 
I love reapplying the serum on my hands, neck, and face throughout the day because it’s like an instant refresh for my skin! 

Don’t forget to moisturize your body too! We often neglect bodycare when it comes to our routines but protecting your body skin is just as important. Before you leave the house for the day, make sure you use a body moisturizer or oil that will protect your skin from the environment and nourish it simultaneously. 

Try Empress Naturals’ Calming Massage Oil in the mornings. The stress alleviating properties of lavender are the cherry on top of its incredible nourishment! 


Final step of Elizabeth’s minimalistic morning skincare routine: Sunscreen! 

Sunscreen is by far the most critical step in every skincare regimen, irrespective of skin type or age. If you don't apply sunscreen, you may as well skip all the other steps in your routine.

The sun is the leading cause of premature skin aging. Yet the harm isn't only visual, regardless of skin color: People of color can and do acquire skin cancer. Moreover, addressing hyperpigmentation or aging symptoms without using a daily SPF is like making every turn end back to square one. 

Empress Tip
Even if you spend your days indoors, you need to protect your skin against the sun since UV rays can permeate through the windows.

​​And, that’s it. Elizabeth’s minimalist yet super effective clean morning skincare routine. She keeps it simple and unique with lessons she learnt with years of experience in the skincare and beauty industry ; lessons that find their way into the ethos of Empress Naturals. 


Anti-Aging luxurious minimalistic skincare made specifically for mature skin!

Empress Naturals clean minimalistic face serum set

Our aim at Empress Naturals is to provide you with 100% Pure and Organic Skincare that makes you feel incredible in the skin that you have.

We nurture mature skin with ingredients that come directly from nature. We provide ageless radiance and luminous skin without exposing your skin to the thousands of toxic ingredients that are still legal in the country.

Minimalist skincare for mature women

Our products are non-toxic, clean, USDA Certified Organic, and Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free. All of our ingredients are cultivated responsibly and sourced from sustainable farms throughout the world with ZERO hazardous preservatives.

Explore clean minimalistic skincare by Empress Naturals. We make it easy for you to invest in your skin!

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