An Ultimate guide to clean skincare brands for mature skin

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As we enter the new year, clean skincare has never been a hotter topic than it is right now! More and more people are on the hunt for products and brands that prioritize transparency, and create products that are free of harmful chemicals.

This is an especially pressing issue for many menopausal women, as their maturing skin is in its most vulnerable state. Clean beauty has the potential to revive aging skin and improve its health from the inside out. It reduces the undesirable signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and more.

Fortunately, all of these things can be avoided with more informed decisions while purchasing skincare. Switching to clean skincare brands isn't as difficult.

What is Clean Skincare?

Clean Skincare Brands for Mature Skin

Clean beauty and skincare can be defined in a lot of different ways.

In essence, it is healthier alternatives to chemical-heavy products. These products impact the environment in a less negative way. They utilize organic ingredients. But at large, they avoid harmful chemicals.

Harmful chemicals are common in skincare. And they can be dangerous and have a lasting impact on our bodies and our health.

You have likely heard several warnings about parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, and countless others. All of these packed into so many popular products available on the market today.

This is why it is so important to support brands that are loud about their commitment to clean skincare. Because your skin’s best interest is always at the forefront of their products. 

The Conscious Beauty Collective

If you are someone who is in the market for trying out new clean beauty brands, look no further than the Conscious Beauty Collective! It is a group of women-owned indie clean organic beauty businesses in the US. They have products ranging from skin cleansers, and moisturizers, to a wide range of haircare and cosmetics.

Empress Naturals clean skincare
As a proud member of this collective, we at Empress Naturals deeply value being a part of this group. This is creating a space for cleaner cosmetics and skincare in the mainstream on a larger scale than ever before.

Here are some certified clean brands and products that we would suggest if you looking at a clean skincare regimen and need some guidance. 

Empress Naturals: Moroccan Gold - Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Empress Naturals Prickly Pear Oil

A delicacy in the arid regions from where the plant is grown, Empress Naturals’ Organic Moroccan Gold Oil offers a gentle nutty aroma that belies a vast nutrient composition of dynamic anti-agers.

Our prickly pear seed is a precious oil. Difficult to extract this rare oil, it is one of the richest known sources of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Packed with rich sterols, tocopherols, and Vitamin E, our lightweight precious oil stimulates microcirculation and protects the skin from free radicals.

Buffalo Gal: the basics - daily glow serum

This fast absorbing multitasking serum makes dull skin a thing of the past. Natural, organic oils and extracts help skin stay strong, retain the proper acid balance and look gorgeous.

This is perfect for maintaining the glow and elasticity of mature skin. 

Immunocologie Skincare: Cleansing lotion

This brightening and nourishing facial lotion gently cleanses the skin while balancing the skin’s pH, and is perfect for those with sensitive skin! It has a bunch of yummy ingredients like grape seed extract, desert date seed oil, montmorillonite, and more.

Older women that are looking for a gentle cleanser, this is 100% for you!


Finding clean skincare products has really never been easier than it is now, and is something that definitely is worth investing in. There are so many fun and effective products out there that do not include harmful chemicals and ingredients that you can’t pronounce.

If you are feeling troubled and overwhelmed by all that’s out there, take your first step towards glowing and ageless skin by shopping with Empress Naturals today.

Empress Naturals Minimalistic skincare 

Empress Naturals is a cruelty-free skincare company that exclusively provides customers with products that are pure, organic, and healthy for both their skin and the environment.

We have both Leaping Bunny and USDA certifications for being organic and cruelty-free. Two of our top sellers, Anti-Aging Face Serum and Luxe Night Elixir, are a strong antioxidant duo that revitalize your face from the inside out.

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