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The word evokes memories of luxurious spa treatments that are curated to relax your body and mind. But in a time where skincare has taken the reins on our mainstream interpretation of self-care, most of us are starting to neglect the benefits derived from a serene massage.  

What if we said that you can gain the benefits of exotic massages from the comfort of your home using the right techniques, tricks, and oils. In fact, the history of massages dates back to ancient times wherein individuals used naturally occurring oils to massage themselves to heal ailments and experience the tranquility that came alongside. 

Self care with massage oil

Oil massage may appear to be a messy and laborious technique better left to the professionals, but once you've mastered the fundamentals, self-massage with the right ingredients and oils will become an unmissable part of your self-care routine and well worth the effort.

In this article, we will be taking a walk through history to understand the origins of massage oil culture across the globe and its benefits as backed up by modern science. Read on to learn more about self-massage and the different kinds of oils you can incorporate into your self-care routine. 

Massage Oils Have Been a Staple in Self-Care for Centuries

We may think that the peak of popularity for massage therapy is approaching in this post-COVID 19 era. The truth is that the healing benefits of massage have been a part of holistic healing practices for ages. This traces back to multiple cultures across the globe. 

Eastern Origin of Massage Healing

Massage treatments date back to beyond 3000 BCE in India. It was regarded as a holy natural healing practice. Hindus passed down Massage treatments and techniques for generations. It was an Ayurvedic "life health" medicine to heal injuries, reduce pain, and prevent/cure diseases.

In Ayurveda, practitioners believed that illness and disease occur when individuals are out of harmony with their surroundings. A massage would help restore by bringing cohesion to the body's natural and physical equilibrium. 

Some time around 2700 BCE, Massage therapeutic practices spread to Southeast Asia. Chinese massage methods evolved from the abilities and practices of ancient Chinese medicine, martial arts, and Buddhist and Taoist spiritual yoga training. Their methods were quite similar to the Indians'. It was based on the concept that imbalance or lack of energy causes sickness.

Massage practice in Middle Eastern culture

We know from tomb paintings that massage treatment had reached its way to Egypt by 2500 BCE. The Egyptians developed reflexology, which includes applying pressure to certain zones on the hands and feet to influence healing.

Western culture's tryst with massage practice

By around 700-800 BCE, Western Civilization adopted massages as a therapeutic practice. Infact, the ‘father of medicine’, Hippocrates was apparently the first to prescribe his patients a combination of massages. Along with it, he prescribed a proper diet, exercise, music, and fresh air. As per him, it was a way of helping them restore their inner balance. Sounds eerily similar to what we view to be our self-care routines today, doesn't it? 

Benefits of Your Daily Self-Massage

Benefits of massaging as self-care

When looked at today as a staple in self-care practices, a massage can range from the most luxurious and elaborate process to a simple and concise daily practice to heal aching joints and calm the aura around your physical body. The benefits can encompass a whole array of things but some basic benefits of self-massage are described below: 

You're revitalizing both your mind and body

Whether you choose to start or end your day with a simple 10-minute self-massage - it doesn't matter. It becomes an opportunity for you to collect your thoughts and reframe your mind while you nourish your body. 

If you've been feeling intellectually or physically sluggish, a more vigorous massage stroke will revitalize your body and mind. On the other hand, a more gradual self-massage focused on your breath assists your mind in engaging with the moment and your body in relaxing.

You are finally calm while sleeping

The experience of self-massage is highly stimulating to your brain, neurological system, mind, soul and skin. It calms nerves and promotes deeper and better sleep. The massage creates the sensation of being surrounded in loving arms.

It mimics warmth and has a significant influence on how you feel towards yourself and everything around you.

It has the ability to replace your worries with a sensation of happiness and tranquility leaving you feeling at peace. A consistent routine involving self-massage will assist you in falling asleep and remaining asleep throughout the night.

You are cleansing your body's main organ

More often than not, we fall ill because we are constantly in contact with toxins in our immediate physical environment be it at work, home, school or the gym.  We are ill as a result of the buildup of poisons.

Massage your body to encourage the removal of pollutants and toxins via your skin. Proper elimination is essential for feeling invigorated and ready to actively engage in life.

You’re achieving youthful skin

We often forget that while our facial skin appears to age the fastest, our body skin is also aging and requires the right care too! Body oils and massage treatments protect your skin from harsh environmental influences, keeping it smooth and supple.

The right oil will hydrate and lubricate the skin and you will notice an improvement in resistance to dehydration, flaking, and even bruising. Self-massage boosts skin's inherent bright attractiveness, allowing it to age gracefully and eliminate wrinkles.

You’ll improve your internal blood circulation

Self-Massage promotes blood circulation, allowing metabolic wastes to be removed quickly and offering a boost in energy and endurance much needed to cope with your busy life. It also holds the ability to nourish internal organs and improves their functionality. 

It also rejuvenates and energizes the body's cells. Take care of the single most crucial thing you have control over: yourself.

Self-Massage has physical, emotional, and psychic repercussions, which is intriguing. Everyone deserves to be cared for and loved.  It gives you the opportunity to engage in some much needed downtime, leaving you with a sense of warmth, comfort, and confidence - the perfect end to any self-care ritual. 

Some Tips & Tricks for your next Self-Massage

Tips for massage oil as self care

Tip No. 1: Taking the very first steps to conduct a self-massage with body oil might be intimidating, so pick a more relaxed day if you're doing it for the first time.

Tip No. 2: You can warm the oil a little before starting your massage by placing it in a water bath. This will help relax your muscles that extra bit and release any tension you may be carrying in them. 

Tip No. 3: After your self-massage, make sure to wear socks or cover your feet in some way so you avoid ruining your floors with any residual oil. 

Our CEO, Elizabeth’s Hot Tip: Massage oil into your skin, starting at the feet and working your way towards your heart.  Long strokes on the arms and legs and round strokes on any joints are recommended.

Broad, clockwise circular strokes should be used to massage the belly and chest. If you don't have a massage oil (go get one at!), you can also use Fractionated Coconut Oil as it absorbs straight into your skin leaving no sticky feeling behind. 

Empress Naturals Massage oil

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