The Menopause Maze: Unlocking Wellness & Wisdom

The Menopause Maze: Unlocking Wellness & Wisdom

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Why am I struggling to sleep? Is itchy or discolored skin a symptom of menopause? What ingredients should I use? I need a well-planned routine for my menopausal skin! Why do I feel so low all of a sudden? 

If you couldn’t help but read this with a tinge of empathy, you probably need this book too! 

“This E-book has the knowledge I desperately needed when going through menopause”

  • Elizabeth Koshy, CEO, Empress Naturals 

What Will You Learn? 

The Menopause Maze is your newest and most helpful guide in navigating every aspect of menopause including skincare, diet, dealing with symptoms like dry skin or hot flashes, and even keeping up to date with the newest technology in managing menopause. With this detailed e-book, you will be able to 

- Unlock the keys to navigating menopause with guidance from industry experts including doctors and formulators 

- Dive deep into understanding and managing menopausal symptoms like mood fluctuations, hot flashes, etc

- Master the art of developing a balanced routine rooted in skincare and wellness tailored for menopausal skin

- Stay ahead with the latest insights and technology in menopause management including advancements in regenerative stem cell technology

- Empower yourself with indispensable knowledge and practical tips to manage menopause

- Transform your menopausal journey from confusion to clarity 

From Our CEO Desk

Our hard work and dedication to bring this book to life for our customers was driven by one simple mission - to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to enjoy this new phase of your life.