Elizabeth’s Story - The Making of an Organic Beautypreneur!

Elizabeth’s journey to the realm of organic skincare has its phases from a moment of epiphany to curiosity to absolute resolve to stand up for a unique cause. It was definitely not a cake walk!

The Idea Behind It All

Over the years, Elizabeth was careful enough to use only the superior quality skincare products In America till her health made a dip almost five years back.


A renowned Ayurvedic specialist in Silicon Valley diagnosed her with hormonal imbalance. The specialist made her walk through the devastating truth about the harm done to the body by the chemicals in food, creams, lotions, dyes, and other products we use daily. Hormonal levels are at risk if in constant contact with these chemicals.


The eye-opener sessions with the doctor about the perils of chemical-laden skincare products and the benefits of turning to natural oils made Elizabeth do deep research on the skincare products that we blindly apply to our bodies. Through search engines, libraries, and product descriptions, she sieved out all about skincare products, the components used, the chemical composition, and the long-term effects of these products on our body systems and skin.


Elizabeth decides to abandon her much cherished and expensive over-the-counter skincare products from her shelves as the realization that they can cause serious health issues like autoimmune disorder to cancer dawns on her.


Empowered by her qualification in management studies and experience with Nivea as Group Product Manager, Elizabeth moves her training up a notch through an array of professional courses, reading volumes of books and watching loads of online videos to passionately know more about the goodness of organic skincare. 


Yearning to blend her knowledge from research with hands-on experience, she collaborates with an expert team of scientists and natural formulators. A series of discussions on skincare formulas and natural preservatives ensued which eventually ended up in developing some scientifically tested products as a team. 


Watching Elizabeth’s verve for natural skincare products, her good friend, Pooja Kohli, planted a seed in her mind to build organic skincare of her own. This was a breakthrough moment where Elizabeth’s vision started taking a concrete form.

Life’s Curveballs

Challenges started pouring in as she was laying the foundation stones to Empress Naturals. Her mother’s unexpected demise and a major accident, which made her bed-ridden with four fractures, depleted her emotional fervor and confidence but always a go-getter, she was not letting her dream slip through her fingers. A little after her surgery, her infallible energy flowed with more zest to formulate the purest organic skincare line, assisted by her team of chemists and skincare professionals. Needle-sharp determination and perseverance made her swim through adversities swiftly - not everyone’s strong point!


A rough tussle with Covid-19 too couldn’t uproot her resolve to birth Empress Naturals, born out of her pure and purposeful motive. Elizabeth’s five-year-long journey of exploring natural solutions and synthetic-free formulations has finally culminated in the best skin care products made from certified organic ingredients. Her passion became a blessing for women within the age group 40-65.

Elizabeth Koshy

Perfecting a Product

Elizabeth spent her time and resources in sourcing the purest ingredients domestically and internationally to ensure that no single non-organic or chemical component gets into her line of skincare products.


At the helm of her products is Rosehip seed oil, the Queen of all-natural oils, which is used in combination to formulate desirable products. Rosehip seed oil or rosehip oil is a natural extract of the fruit of the rose plant sourced from the Andes Mountain region in Southern Chile.  


The oil’s reputation dates back to ancient times when Egyptians, Mayans, and Native Americans used it for its skin-healing properties. Rosehip oil is packed with antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E, phenolic compounds as well as fatty acids that help restore and rejuvenate the skin, among other things.


With innate goodness, Elizabeth started gifting her products to friends and relatives who are in the 40-65 age range. To her sheer delight, the response she got back was surprisingly overwhelming. Some offered to pay for getting more of her amazingly skin-friendly, skin-firming products with uncompromising quality.

Coming closer to Nature

Realizing her life’s purpose, Elizabeth imparted knowledge on the significance of natural organic skincare to whomever she could meet, especially women of 40-65 years. Being in this age range herself, she knew how women neglect their skincare and self-care owing to familial responsibilities and career obligations. These stressful situations lead to severe hormonal imbalance, damaged skin, pigmentation, dominant wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet or worst, even auto immune disorders. Empress Naturals is a launchpad for women towards pure skincare and wellness.

Our Philosophy

For Elizabeth, Empress Naturals is not just an organic skincare line; it’s an embodiment of unwavering grit, sheer determination and resilience. Fuelled by an undying love for organic products and a robust entrepreneurial spirit, kindled by a burring passion for creating a trustworthy skincare brand, she weaved out Empress Naturals with great passion, love and tenacity all wrapped in a bottle.

Elizabeth’s personal note:

I sincerely hope each one of you would join hands with me in this journey of chemical and synthetic-free skincare. We must fall in love with nature and its products so we can all lead a beautiful, healthy life. A very special note of gratitude to all the women who inspired me and kept me sane through this tumultuous journey!