Should You Be Using Skincare With Parabens?

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In a time where we are extremely conscious of what we put in our body, it's hardly surprising that we're equally conscious of the ingredients in our daily skincare and the products we put on our faces. 

Whether you’ve been in the skincare game for years or are just starting out, you’ve heard of one ingredient that is on everyone’s naughty list - parabens. 

We’ve all seen skincare companies quickly shift to the ‘paraben-free’ route, but do we know why one ingredient has caused so much confusion and fear?

Read on to know more about what parabens are and why we recommend it to stay far away from your skincare! 

What are Parabens?

Since the 1950s, parabens, a group of preservatives, have been widely used in skincare to help keep them bacteria-free.

From shampoos to toothpaste, parabens are everywhere. They are used to keep ingredients stable, potent, and free from harmful bacterial growth in a variety of products, especially those that are water-based. 

Fun Fact: All Empress Naturals’ products are anhydrous, which means they do not require any parabens or any other preservatives. 

Are Parabens Really Bad for Your Health?

Recent years have seen a sudden rise in the concern around parabens used in every-day cosmetics and skincare.

While parabens are legally regarded as safe to use under EU and FDA standards, here are some things you should know about the current research around parabens and how they affect your health. 

In a study that was published in 2004, British scientists claimed to have discovered paraben levels in breast cancer tissue samples.

The article demonstrated that parabens can penetrate the skin barrier and enter our bodies, even though there was insufficient data to indicate a causal relationship between paraben consumption and an elevated risk of developing cancer.

Additionally, there is some proof that parabens can affect your endocrine system and replicate the effects of estrogen, which has also been connected to the development of cancer and infertility.

Additionally, skin allergies and sensitivities are frequently linked to parabens. When parabens are repeatedly exposed to the skin, the immune cells in the skin gradually but significantly mount an immunological response that causes skin sensitivities and allergies.

How Do Parabens Harm Skin? 

  1. Parabens Can Aggravate Acne:
    Parabens are thought to be especially problematic for skin that is prone to acne. According to recent studies, parabens may indirectly contribute to breakouts because they can boost the estrogen levels in your body.

  2. Parabens Can Cause Allergic Reactions:
    Particularly on delicate, damaged, or sensitive skin, parabens can cause skin irritation and allergic responses. According to studies, parabens can be more inflammatory for people who already have psoriasis, eczema, and/or a history of contact dermatitis. 

How Parabens Affect the Environment

While studies have found parabens to be present in marine species at elevated levels, no conclusive studies have been conducted to determine whether the parabens have caused any harm to the animals. 

One thing we can be sure of is that the spike in use of parabens since the 1950s has affected the health of our water bodies and aquatic life.

What we do not know is ‘how much?’.  

Identifying Parabens in Skincare

Parabens are chemicals that can be found in virtually any skincare cosmetic product.

The list of items containing parabens doesn't end with facial cleansers and moisturizers; it also includes deodorants, toothpaste, sunscreen, shampoos, shaving creams and gels, and makeup.

In a world where greenwashing is more prevalent than ever, looking for Paraben-Free on product labels is not enough to truly qualify it as such.

Luckily, identifying the different types of parabens is not very hard ; most of them end with their namesake (..-paraben).

According to the FDA, common parabens you should look out for in product ingredient lists include:

  • Methylparaben
  • Propylparaben
  • Butylparaben
  • Ethylparaben
  • Isobutylparaben

Alternatives to Paraben-filled Skincare

As a brand, we choose to remain paraben-free for one reason: we truly believe in being safe than sorry. Until the debate about the safety of parabens reaches a conclusion, we want to assure the safety of not only our trusting customers but also our environment. 

Your skin and health is never up for compromise and our products are just as effective (if not more!) WITHOUT the parabens! 

Read more about other ingredients in your skincare that just do not belong there. We've spent over 1000+ hours putting together "The Menopause Maze" - a guide curated by experts for women transitioning into perimenopause and menopause. 

Empress Naturals is a 100% Pure and Organic Skincare brand that nourishes aging skin using ingredients sourced straight from nature. Ageless Radiance with a minimalistic routine that causes no harm! 

Our Anti-Aging Skincare Range contains 100% cold-pressed Rosehip Seed Oil that is USDA Certified Organic, Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free, clean, and non-toxic in more ways than one! It has ZERO harmful preservatives, is grown ethically and is sourced straight from Chile, South America. 

Pro Tip: Always make sure to check the expiration date on your products, whether it has parabens or not.

Do so by checking the product label or finding the symbol that looks like an open jar; the number denotes how long your product can be used for! 


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*Disclaimer: We highly recommend that you contact a trained health professional, before introducing any products into your routine especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.



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