Your Mental Health can benefit from the Right Skincare!

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Effect of Right Skincare on your Mental Health

Have you ever had a breakdown because your skin doesn’t look the way you think it should? Well, you’re definitely not alone in that. Our perceptions of what perfect skin should look like come from what we see being advertised by big skincare conglomerates, in movies, and our favorite celebrities. 

It’s no shock that we often end up comparing ourselves and skin to that of the airbrushed skin of women high up on billboards. While it remains crucial to acknowledge and make the distinction between what we see online and reality, we also believe that the mental health aspect of skincare has to be addressed. 

Skin health and mental health are related

There is an important correlation between skin health and mental health that we must not overlook. Because our mental health may have a direct impact on our skin and vice versa, it is critical to take charge of your skin care and self-care for the benefit of your health. In fact, we're here to tell you that your skincare routine can become the safe haven you need to ground yourself every night and boost your confidence and mental health more than ever! 

Mental health and Empress Naturals

Empress Naturals’ journey began with the battle against chemical skincare not only because it harms our skin in the long term but also because these chemicals can seep into our skin and harm us from the inside. 

“My skin is my internal compass. When I have issues with my skin, I take it as a call for help from my internal health. With the right routine and self-care routine, I have been able to find the right balance for my skin's health, mental health, and physical health”, says Elizabeth Koshy, CEO of Empress Naturals. 

Read on to find out what she does as part of her self-care routine to keep her skin health and mental health in check! 

The Brain-Skin Connection 

Have you ever felt so angry that your cheeks, ears, or nose have turned red? Why do you think that happens?

The color is caused by the brain-skin connection. Anger, embarrassment, or any strong emotion activate the fight or flight response in our brain triggered by hormones, causing our bodies to generate adrenaline. In order to complete this response, our blood vessels widen to increase blood flow and oxygen supply, resulting in blushing.

Through numerous chemical messengers and receptors that react to stress, worry, anxiety, and other psychological events, the brain and nervous system regulate the skin's immune system; thus causing a direct effect on our skin.

Mental health and right skincare

How mood affects your skin

When we are anxious/stressed, our body assumes that we are facing a threat and produces the hormone cortisol. Cortisol raises our blood sugar and inhibits functions that our body deems unnecessary in fight or flight circumstances.

Cortisol also increases sweat, followed by an increase in oil production, which will clog pores, promote acne, and suppress the immune system, rendering it unable to fight off irritation and germs effectively.

This can cause breakouts, rashes, irritation,  infections, and flare-ups of existing skin diseases such as alopecia (hair loss), psoriasis, hives, and rosacea. Excess cortisol is also terrible for anti-aging because it reduces collagen and elastin synthesis, which means skin cells aren't renewing and regenerating as they should, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. 

This implies that your skin is not independent from your health, regardless of whether it is mental or physical. 

Our CEO’s holy-grail tip to manage stress 

Elizabeth Koshy - founder of Empress Naturals

Move Your Body. Find a workout or exercise regime that suits you and MAKE time for it. It need not be high intensity or over the top.

Even finding 30 minutes a day to go to the gym or take a walk in your neighborhood will help you work off the stress and give your brain and skin a break! 

Building Confidence with Skincare

Stress and the state of our overall mental health definitely have an impact on the health of our skin, but it also works in the reverse manner. The look of our skin has a direct impact on our mental wellbeing.

Our skin is amongst the first things other people notice about us, therefore having prominent wrinkles or skin issues may be detrimental to our self-esteem. While we shouldn't dwell on things we can't always control, it is much easier said than done in a society that prioritizes looks.

When our skin isn't in its ideal condition, it might seem difficult to leave your house without makeup. 

Mental health and right skincare

You're not alone in feeling down when your skin isn't its best.  We are taught to believe that our external appearance influences how others see us, and this influences how we see ourselves.

Learning to live with anxieties about our skin requires time and intentional effort, and the very first step is to recognise that everybody feels this way from time to time.

If your psychological health suffers as a result of a long-term skin condition, speaking with a mental health specialist can help you gain confidence despite your skin problems.

On the plus side, having healthy, clean skin can do wonders for your self-esteem. So, keep in mind that breakouts usually go away on their own, and skin issues may be controlled with good skin care and food. 

Create a skin care routine that includes products that are non-irritating, soothing, natural, and most importantly clean.  

A daily skincare routine will give you some regularity and stability throughout the week. Although everything else may feel beyond your control, we can always spend a few moments to pamper our skin, which will reflect in both your skin's health and mental health.

You'll feel good about doing a task which is entirely for your own benefit, regardless of how small and trivial it appears.

Our CEO’s Routine on a Mental Health Day

What does a mental health day look like in the life of Elizabeth Koshy? 

Usually, I love taking a walk in the morning. Especially if it is sunny outside. I find myself being able to focus better after a morning stroll. I also love incorporating some sort of calming beverage into my morning routine - like chamomile tea. 

In the night, you will usually find me curled up on my couch watching TV while I complete my night time skincare routine. I use the Luxe Night Elixir on my face after cleansing and the Calming massage Oil all over my body. 

A mental health day in my life is all about finding calmness in everyday activities - something I wish I did more often!

How does your skincare routine help your mental health? 

Skincare time is my time to introspect - especially at night. When I am left to my thoughts as I complete my nighttime skincare, I take my time which is relaxing after being on-the-go all day. 

I also make sure to give as much time to my body as I do my face by massaging it with our Calming Massage Oil. When you massage your body with some therapeutic massage oils, it helps to calm your body, increase blood circulation and meditate during that time.

Scent is also a HUGE part of my skincare routine because I firmly believe that natural fragrances have the power to uplift moods and help us maintain a positive outlook on life. Try something like lavender, rosemary, or jasmine! 

Skincare is for Pampering

Develop a regimen that feels good to you and contains products you love using. Don't underestimate the power of gently massaging your skin with a terry washcloth to cleanse, or taking the time to massage a silky moisturizer on your face or apply a mask.

You could even make this an evening event, a ritual you follow every night. 

Empress Naturals products

Your skincare routine is the time to pamper yourself right. Switching it up, once in a while, by adding a mask or at-home facial treatment is bound to enhance the experience making you feel good about yourself. 

Physical relaxation signals to your brain that it is time to be quiet and relaxed, lowering the fight or flight stress response. Taking a bath, for example, can help you de-stress at the end of the day.

By adding oatmeal to the water, you can transform your bath from a self-care ritual to one that enhances the health of your skin especially for those who have sensitive skin, psoriasis, or eczema.

Mental health and skincare


At Empress Naturals’, we care about more than your skin! You skincare and mental health is in good hands.

Empress Naturals’ skincare is formulated specifically for your overall wellness. It is the best care your physical and mental health could ask for! 

Our aim at Empress Naturals is to provide you with 100% Pure and Organic Skincare that makes you feel incredible in the skin that you have. We nurture mature skin with ingredients that come directly from nature.

We provide ageless radiance and luminous skin without exposing your skin to the thousands of toxic ingredients that are still legal in the country.

Our products are non-toxic, clean, USDA Certified Organic, and Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free. All of our ingredients are cultivated responsibly and sourced from sustainable farms throughout the world with ZERO hazardous preservatives.

Explore clean skincare by Empress Naturals. Invest in your health!

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