Why Argan oil is the wonder oil you need for your skin

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argan oil benefits for skin

As time flows in its swift pace, our skin slowly withers and wilts - an obvious sign of getting old. Maybe at heart you hold that youthful spirit untarnished, but the blazing sun, pollutants, stress and many other factors load your skin with the miserable age signs.

No need to get more stressed ‚Äď it‚Äôs¬†not late to start pampering your skin and regain its radiance.

Argan oil as an anti-aging oil

Glowing skin is an instant head turner. Self-love and self-care play a crucial role in the radiance and youthfulness of your skin. Natural, plant based oils are inevitable in bringing back the suppleness of the skin. Argan oil is exemplary in regaining the vitality of the skin.

Taken from the kernels of the Moroccan Argan trees, this oil is the main beauty ingredient of the Moroccan women. Their glowing skin is no more a secret.

Argan oil has amazing anti-aging and health properties, which are being exploited by most skincare and heath brands now. This can be directly used or through products that have pure Argan oil in them.

should argan oil be refrigerated

Uses of Argan oil

Is Argan oil good for face? Well, let’s find out!

Power packed with anti-oxidants and fatty acids, Argan oil is a panacea for almost all skin issues ranging from skin infections to boosting collagen production. The oleic and linoleic acids are proved to fight free radicals that damage our skin.

Rich in Omega- 3 fatty acids, the oil helps eliminate the unwelcome intruders like wrinkles and fine lines.

As a moisturizer

Being nicknamed as ‚Äėliquid gold‚Äô, Argan oil is a popular humectant and emollient. Most of the¬†skincare products use Argan oil to enhance the health and beauty of the skin.

The Vitamin E in Argan oil helps retain the moisture of the skin, keeps skin replenished with its natural vibrancy.

Argan oil as a sun-guard

The Moroccan women protect their skin from the angry sun with the prudent use of Argan oil. The anti-oxidant rich oil fights free radicals and helps to reduce pigmentation and burns cause by the sun.

The medicinal and skincare properties of oil are believed to have its effect to prevent melanoma to a great extent.

Argan oil for acne control

With its sebum controlling effects, Argan oil is widely used to manage acne and recover a smooth, soft, unblemished skin.

Argan oil can be used directly on the skin or use products with Argan oil to get desired effects in a few weeks. 

To heal wounds

Reputed for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, Argan oil is much preferred to soothe irritated skin and to heal fungal-bacterial skin infections.

Apply creams with pure Argan oil or organic Argan oil directly for the desired effect.

Helps reduce stretch marks

Stretch marks are common post-partum or they appear as the outcome of quick weight loss journeys. Whatever be the reason, they mar the appearance of the skin.

The fatty acids in Argan oil helps to reduce the visible stretch marks if consistently used when they start to appear.

Reduces sebum on skin

Skin‚Äôs natural shine is a pleasant sight but the oily muck on the face is not that pleasing. Some of us¬†have extreme oily skin ‚Äď the oil sticks to the face like a sneer that comes at the wrong time.

Argan oil with its oil-controlling properties helps reduce the extra-oily look on your face and prevents the clogging of pores.

Can there be side effects?

Though Argan oil is generally safe to use for all skin types, some hypersensitive skin may have irritation or minor side effects. With people having tree nut allergies, Argan oil might irritate the skin or may result in acne breakouts or rashes.

A patch test is always preferred before using this oil in any form on your skin. We talked about how to do a patch test here.

If accidently ingested, Argan oil can cause digestive disruption in people with sensitive gut. This may include diarrhoea, nausea or bloating. If symptoms persist, medical consultation will be a wise option to follow.

Benefits of choosing organic Argan oil

argan oil benefits for skin

The glam and glitz of the beauty industry allures us and we tend to buy products that visit our TV screens, without investing much thought on it. This does more harm to the skin than the expected skin rescue.

Many products in the market use adulterated or impure oils in their products, which seemingly give instant results. The cheaper quality if products allow them to sell the products in
comparatively lesser prices.

Never be a prey to this blind-folding game. Keep your eyes open to the pure, natural and organic ingredients because it’s your skin and it is priceless.

Fortunately, there are some unique skincare-anti-aging product lines that use pure, organic ingredients to develop their products. They know you are one of its kind!

Shop at Empress Naturals

Empress Naturals is one such skincare line that uses the best sourced organic ingredients in the making of their products.

Empress Naturals uses natural oils like Argan oil. It is an excellent skin elixir to rejuvenate, repair and replenish you skin. The oil is in its purest form which is naturally derived, virgin and cold-pressed.

No wonder this oil is named Moroccan Miracle ‚Äď it is multi-purpose oil that leaves your skin shining and radiant with a velvety¬†feel. Get in to the embrace of Mother Nature‚Äôs essence of purity!

Other facts to know about Argan oil

Argan oil has an earthy, nutty smell in its purest form but the smell vanishes in a few minutes when topically applied. If you receive Argan oil with a sweet fragrance, maybe it is not pure.

Argan oil usually has a long shelf life if the oil is kept in a cool, dark place. The quality of the oil can be affected by extreme heat or UV rays. If the oil runs past its expiry date or turns rancid at any point, discontinue the use.

Summing up

Known for its extremely wondrous effects on the skin, Argan oil is widely used to augment and strengthen the skin. This wonder oil is used both topically and internally due to its anti-aging and skin healing properties.

Exploit the benefits of this multipurpose oil to breathe life into your skin.¬†Always pamper your skin with the best and organic Argan oil ‚Äď you deserve it!¬†

Empress Naturals' Organic Skincare 

At Empress Naturals, we believe in year-round skin nourishment, healing, and repair. Our Rosehip Oil-based skincare line is meticulously formulated by industry experts that cater to the specific needs of mature and aging skin ensuring ageless radiance and luminous skin.

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Our mission is to provide 100% pure and organic skincare products that make you feel incredible in your skin. We carefully cultivate our ingredients from sustainable farms worldwide that harvest the highest quality without the use of hazardous preservatives or pesticides. Our products are non-toxic, clean, Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free with USDA Certified Organic ingredients. 

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In fact, our products, including the revered and 100% pure Rosehip Seed Oil, are safe to use even during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. However, we do recommend you consult with a medical professional as a safety precaution before using new products.

Our massage oils are known to calm your nerves and improve your blood circulation to make you feel beautiful inside and outside. Along with our super serums, we offer 100% pure oils like the magical Prickly Pear oil and the miraculous Argan oil.

Experience the power of clean skincare with Empress Naturals.

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*Disclaimer: We highly recommend that you contact a trained health professional, before introducing any products into your routine especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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