Effective Natural Remedies to Deal with 5 common Menopause Symptoms

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Natural remedies for your menopause symptoms

Do you ever feel like dealing with menopause symptoms is taking much energy out of you; energy that could do well if put in other aspects of your life? Well, us too!

And what if we said that some simple lifestyle changes and natural remedies for menopause can turn your symptoms right around! 

Effective Natural Remedies to Deal with 5 common Menopause Symptoms

As you age, it is no secret that the symptoms of menopause start looming around you.

You may experience a wide range of symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and more.

These symptoms can be uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating, affecting women's quality of life. While conventional treatments like hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can be effective, some women may also prefer a more natural approach to treating these menopausal symptoms. 

Effective Natural Remedies to Deal with 5 common Menopause Symptoms


Empress Tip
It is extremely important to remember that natural remedies, whether out together at home or products with natural ingredients take time to show their effect!
Consistency is key when it comes to making lifestyle changes or natural additions to any routine. For most skin related menopausal symptoms, we recommend you stay with the routine for at least 8 weeks to notice a significant difference!

Natural Remedies to Deal with Menopause Symptoms

Effective Natural Remedies to Deal with 5 common Menopause Symptoms

Women going through menopause may encounter a number of unpleasant symptoms. The shift might be difficult, with the most prominent symptoms including heat flashes, insomnia, mood swings, and dry skin. 

Symptom #1: Night Sweats and Hot Flashes

Hot flashes and nighttime sweats are two of the most well-known menopausal symptoms. They can interfere with sleep and daily living. Here are some natural remedies to consider: 

Sage tea

It is a well-known natural remedy for hot flashes as well as night sweats due to menopause. Sage tea includes phytoestrogens, which mimic estrogen's effects in the body and can help regulate temperature.

It can also help minimize the frequency and intensity of hot flashes. Sage tea has also been demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory effects, which may aid in the relief of pain that is linked to hot flashes.


Another key natural menopause remedy is flaxseeds. They include lignans, which are chemicals with estrogen effects. By modulating hormone levels and increasing the body's overall hormone balance, this seed can help to minimize hot flashes.

Furthermore, flaxseed is high in fiber, which can aid to regulate digestion and decrease inflammation in the body. To add flaxseeds into your daily diet, add it to your smoothies, oatmeal, or even sprinkle it on salads.

Symptom #2: Vaginal Dryness

Many women have vaginal dryness as estrogen levels fall throughout menopause. This could be challenging and painful. Here are a few natural remedies to consider:

Effective Natural Remedies to Deal with 5 common Menopause Symptoms

Coconut Oil

It is a natural lubricant that may help relieve vaginal dryness. It includes antibacterial medium-chain fatty acids, which are able to prevent infections and support better vaginal health. Furthermore, coconut oil contains vitamin E, which can aid to moisturize and soothe vaginal tissues, alleviating dryness. Add it as a topical treatment to your skincare routine! 

Vitamin E Oil

It is a potent antioxidant that can help protect the body from free radicals and decrease inflammation. Vitamin E oil, when used topically, can assist to moisturize and nourish the vaginal tissues, decreasing dryness and irritation. It can also assist to alleviate the discomfort and inflammation caused by vaginal dryness. It can be topically added to the vaginal region or mixed into a warm bath.

Symptom #3: Mood Swings and Anxiety

Many women experience mood swings and anxiety when their hormone levels vary throughout menopause. Here are a few natural remedies to consider:


One of the most beneficial natural treatments for mood swings and anxiety is exercise. It causes the production of endorphins, which are feel-good hormones that can boost mood and reduce anxiety.

Exercise can also assist to relieve stress and increase relaxation, which can enhance overall mood and reduce anxiety. Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday even if it is low intensity! 


Meditation is a highly effective natural treatment for mood swings and anxiety. It entails concentrating the mind and relaxing the body, which can aid in stress reduction and relaxation.

Meditation improves mood and lessen anxiety symptoms, making it a useful natural therapy for menopausal symptoms. Try a guided meditation app like Calm or Headspace or you could even attend a meditation class.

Symptom #4: Insomnia

Menopause can also cause Insomnia which happens from night sweats and hot flashes. Here are a few natural remedies to consider:

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has been used for generations as a natural cure for insomnia. It includes ingredients that have an incredibly relaxing and soothing effect on the body, that can aid in improving the quality of sleep.

Chamomile tea is also high in antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and enhance general health. Simply add 1 tablespoon dried chamomile flowers or 1-2 chamomile tea bags to a pot of boiling water. Top off with honey or lemon to taste!


Magnesium is an important element that helps to promote relaxation and reduce tension. It can also aid in sleep-wake cycle regulation by boosting the synthesis of the sleep hormone 'melatonin'.

Magnesium is found in foods such as almonds, seeds, and dark green leafy vegetables. Supplements with magnesium can also be administered under the supervision of a healthcare expert.


It is the use of essential oils to enhance relaxation and improve sleep quality. Lavender and chamomile essential oils, for example, have been demonstrated to have soothing effects and induce relaxation.

To encourage restful sleep, they can be diffused or added to a warm bath before night. We adore ADORAtherapy oils because they are 100% pure and just an incredibly trusted source for all our aromatherapy needs!

Symptom #5: Dry and Dull Skin 

Loss of Collagen during menopause is bound to lead to dry and dull skin. Here are some incredible natural menopause remedies to help calm your skin as well as combat dryness: 

Coconut oil

It is a natural emollient that moisturizes and nourishes the skin, making it an ideal treatment for dry and dull skin. It contains antioxidants and vital fatty acids, which enhance skin suppleness and a healthy, glowing complexion.


It is a natural astringent that may help tone and hydrate the skin, also making it an ideal treatment for dry, dull skin. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory characteristics that can aid to soothe and decrease redness in the skin. 


Empress Naturals is definitely the answer!

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    Our Circulation Massage Oil contains anti-inflammatories and antioxidants like Juniper Berry, Rosemary, and Sage, which assist your epidermis by eliminating pollutants from your circulation. 


Empress Naturals has developed pure and organic skincare products that are specifically designed to enhance your overall wellness, making it the ideal choice for your mature skin. 

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