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natural anti aging recipes

Gone are the days where women were treated just the ruling heirs of the kitchen. Nimble, smart and bright, today’s women inherit the powers even to reign over the whole world.

The contemporary wellness scenario has also transformed to include health, fitness, and beauty and anti-aging treatments to chisel out the real strength in women.

Natural anti-aging ingredients and anti-aging recipes are delicious hot cakes for the beauty and wellness lovers.

The instant results of chemical loaded products are taking a backstage and revival of the traditional, natural ingredients is on the upsurge. Here comes the relevance of some of the world renowned natural beauty and wellness traditions.

Right from the Mayan culture

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The 3000-year old Mayan beauty tradition has its own natural beauty recipes that are up a notch even during the contemporary times. They mixed great diets and natural anti-aging remedies for an amazingly carefree life.

Rosehip seed oil has been the South American beauty mantra from the ancient times to help premature age signs, scars, and skin pigmentation and for an animated, bright skin.

Healthy combo of rosehip seed oil and olive oil is a great nightly skincare treatment. The goodness of Rosehip seed oil is harnessed in the present time beauty regimes as an uncompromising natural anti-aging ingredient.

Avocado masks were highly esteemed facial masks for skin hydration, nourishment, conditioning and avocado pulp is beneficial as a perfect winter treatment for skin. Powdered acacia was immensely used with water or honey to heal skin outbreaks.

Traditional Indian skincare

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Ayurveda, as ancient as the Indus Valley Civilization, uses many skincare and wellness formulations depending on the three doshas (Vaata, Kapha and Pitta) and the different ayurvedic treatments depend on the body constitution and changing seasons.

Natural herbal ingredients in Ayurveda bring about mesmerizing changes externally in unison with longevity and general wellness. Most of India’s natural beauty ingredients are found in the kitchen shelves.

Turmeric is an age-old golden ingredient for overall skin brightening and radiance. The medicinal properties of turmeric allow the skin to heal from itching and irritations. Turmeric milk is a concoction, now in great demand, to improve general health.

Curd is another natural humectant which de-tans and cleanses skin in a soothing way. Milk is an amazingly cleansing and brightening beauty ingredient used in the traditional beauty regime.

Neem powder and neem leaves, with antibacterial properties, have been inevitable for healing acne and skin inflammation. A relaxing bath in hot water, boiled with a bunch of neem leaves, relieves the itching and inflammation of the body. 

The combination of four ficus tree barks (Ficus Infectoria, Ficus Bengalensis, Ficus Religiosa & Ficus Carica), known as Nalpamaram, is a popular ayurvedic ingredient used for beauty augmentation and treating skin imperfections.

Traditionally, water boiled with nalpamaram is used give pregnant women and new mothers are relaxing baths, which improves their wellness and radiance of the skin at one go.

New-borns are also bathed in this water to improve skin health and complexion. Along with this, oil massage is the included as a core process to increase blood circulation and thereby, general wellness.

Exotic Asian skin care

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Eastern skincare and wellness practices haven inspired the globe because of their holistic embrace on Mother Earth’s natural goldmine for beauty and wellness.

Bamboo extract is an age-old Asian beauty secret to pamper and replenish dull skin. It is powered with anti-aging properties and is a natural collagen booster. Bamboo in powdered form is an excellent exfoliator.

It works great on the delicate under eye skin care and helps alleviate acne. This magic ingredient hydrates the skin and reduces prominent aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines.

Yuza fruit is a staple beauty ingredient in the Korean skincare regimes. Great sources of Vitamin C, this fruit extracts help in chasing off age signs, regains firm skin and gives the much adored glass finish to the skin.

The fruit extract nourishes the skin, gives ample protection from the sun and free radicals. This is a rich collagen booster and accelerates cell repair.

Ginseng extract is a ‚Äėmust have‚Äô in the Asian skincare and wellness menu. This is used in¬†teas, tonics and skincare recipes as ginseng is a rich source of anti-oxidants, vitamins and¬†minerals. This is a much-loved collagen booster and anti-aging ingredient.

Middle-East natural beauty recipes

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Arab women are famous for their magnetizing, stunning beauty and their secret is the traditional, natural Arab ingredients.

Arab women include several natural ingredients like honey, rose water and aloe vera to manage menacing beauty concerns like aging and dullness of skin. Camel milk and figs are essentially used for skin firming and brightening.

From time immemorial, Arab women use Argan oil, olive oil and avocado oil to nourish the skin and to improve the glow on the skin.

Rose water works wonders in skin firming and toning and it’s a much admired ingredient in the Arab skincare routines for both skin and hair.

Moroccan ingredients for natural skincare

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The root of Moroccan beauty realm runs deep in the skin enhancing properties of Argan oil and Pear seed oil even from the olden times.

Storehouses of Vitamin C, these oils are known for the hydrating the skin, renewed cell growth, boosting skin elasticity and skin brightening.

Argan oil and pear seed oil fights wrinkles and age spots to a great extent. Argan oil is a main ingredient in hair care to add softness and shine to the frizzy, unmanageable hair.

Rhassoul clay is another inevitable natural beauty ingredient which the Moroccan women use for detoxifying their skin and for hair care. The clay is used with chamomile or dried rose petals to give a natural, soothing beauty mask.

Rosewater is also used in beauty ingredients to calm the irritated skin.

The Moroccans indulge themselves in the hammam experience, the ritual of purification. This is a steam room which gives them a relaxing massage and exfoliation and natural clean-up for skin and a feeling of general wellness.

In a nutshell, pure and natural ingredients are preferred for beauty and wellness by different cultures down the road of tradition. Pleasant and sure additions to this would be healthy eating habits, sound sleep and mind relaxing activities to reanimate your beauty, for the extra glow in the skin, youthful appearance and the holistic experience of wellness in life.

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