How to create your Perfect Minimalist Skincare Routine

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In this day and age, it can be easy to get caught up in all of the new and trendy skincare products being talked about all over social media.

While it may be fun experimenting with different products for our skin and purchasing the things we see gaining popularity online, I think that a lot of us forget just how negative and wasteful that process and mentality can be.

Best Minimalistic skincare routine

The idea that we go out and carelessly buy a bunch of the hottest serums, moisturizers, or eye creams on the market, rather than researching products that work the best for our skin is why so many are left unsatisfied with how their skin looks.

Minimalism is the antithesis of this, opposes all ideas of over indulgence, and can be applied to how we think about skincare as well. Curating a minimalist skincare routine could be the very thing that is missing from your daily skincare, and you may realize that when you choose your products carefully and with intention, your skin will certainly thank you!

Minimalism Can Look Like…

  • Cutting down on the amount of products that you use on your face. In a lot of ways, literally minimizing how much you apply to your skin could make a huge difference for you if you are experiencing problems such as clogged pores or excessive oiliness.

    The reality is that just because you see influencers on social media piling 4 serums plus a moisturizer onto their face does not mean that the same technique will work for you and the problems that your skin has. 

  • Using products that offer multiple benefits in one. This could look like a makeup remover that also exfoliates while it removes, or even a foundation that has SPF built into it. The less complicated, the better! 

  • Switching out your multi-step routine for a fewer step routine with clean products. A huge aspect of minimalist skincare is also using products that have clean ingredients.

    In addition to that, the products that are typically considered clean are also generally products with a lot less ingredients in them– more of the stuff your skin needs, and less of the useless fillers that have no real benefit for the health of your skin’s biome. 

Overall Benefits of Minimalist Skincare Routine

Empress Naturals minimalistic skincare routine

There are so many reasons as to why you should consider revamping your excessive routine to be minimal.

You will save yourself so much money once you hone in on a small selection of products that are tailored to your needs and that you know work for you, rather than flocking to the store every time you hear of a new trendy product that is overpriced, and underperforms. 

One of the most desirable benefits of minimal skincare is how the overall health of your skin is sure to improve once you minimize your routine. The issue with stacking so many products on your face is that you are just actively clogging your pores.

All of the benefits you think you are receiving are ultimately canceling out, which is not something that any of us want! Being intentional with the products you choose to put on your skin really teaches you about your own skin– the things that work for you, and the things that do not.

Overall, it can be incredibly rewarding finding a few clean products that you love and work wonders for your skin. You need to remind yourself that it really is okay to just have a cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer in your routine if that is what works best for you– less is definitely more in the world of skincare!

Minimalist Skincare Recommendations 

Empress Naturals Oils: Anti-Aging Face Serum

Anti-aging face serum

This serum includes a luxurious blend of rosehip seed oil and essential frankincense oil, which are famously known for their anti-aging powers.

Compared to serums with silicones, Empress’s organic and gentle approach to skincare is much better for the long term health of the skin. While similar products with silicones clog pores, lock in impurities, and don’t actually benefit the skin, our all natural anti-aging serum fights the causes of aging before they happen to preserve your most youthful and healthy complexion.

Our high quality ingredients strengthen the skin barrier, and rejuvenate skin cells from within.

Six GLDN: Essential Moisturizer

This lightweight and antioxidant rich moisturizer would be an excellent addition to your new minimalist skincare routine, as it targets multiple issues in one!

This product is focused on retaining the skin’s moisture for long term results as it replenishes the skin’s natural barrier. It also powerfully diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Some key ingredients are hyaluronic acid, hemp seed oil, and antioxidants.

In Conclusion…

Empress Naturals is a USDA Certified Organic, Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free, clean, truly natural and non-toxic skincare that you can trust to work wonders on your skin.

In addition to our ingredients having ZERO harmful preservatives, they are also grown ethically, and sourced from farms across the globe.

Minimalistic skincare by Empress Naturals

With Empress Naturals, pamper your skin with the most nutritious and rejuvenating products that are the perfect blend of science and nature. The ideal anti-aging regimen to stop the struggle with aging skin!

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