Press Release: Elizabeth Koshy Speaks on Sustainability at eTail Boston

Posted by Carlos Shields-Davis on

Our CEO Elizabeth Koshy got the chance to speak on the important topic of sustainability at eTail Boston, a convention specializing in trends happening within the retail industry. What makes these conventions so unique is that they feature many of the top figures in retail, while allowing space for collaboration, networking, and education at the same time. Elizabeth has attended and spoken at other eTail conventions in the past, and she was very excited to make another appearance and share her experience at this one. 

Sustainability is a huge trending topic today within most industries, but especially retail and ecommerce. Given the state of the world and the environment, consumers are very passionate about putting their money where their mouth is, and actively choosing to give their money to businesses that prioritize sustainable practices. In this day and age, there really is no room for gray area– people are seeking to replace the things in their life that are bad for the environment, with things that they know they can purchase in good conscience. 

Elizabeth was the perfect person to speak on this topic, as sustainability plays a huge and irreplaceable role in her lifestyle and business. At Empress Naturals, we are very passionate about eliminating excessive waste and minimizing the ways in which we as a business negatively impact the environment. One of the biggest ways that we are committed to doing so is by making our packaging suitable for reuse! The pouches our products are delivered in are velvety, stylish, and can be used to hold small things like jewelry when traveling or coins in your everyday bag. In addition to that, we are proud to say that our ingredients are sourced from women-owned sustainable farms across the world. Our oils are 100% organic and natural because the farms that supply us do not use any harmful chemicals or pesticides. 

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