Muir Woods - Parfum For Men

Muir Woods - Parfum For Men

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 Picture it: You're walking through a forest. Trees as far as the eye can see, and all around you – the stunning embrace of nature: The trees tower above you towards a sky filled with light; damp earth at the soles of your feet, teeming with life. The scents of the landscape are inescapable. You breathe it all in, and take a moment for yourself. You're at peace, here at last!

           Inspired by the grandeur of San Francisco’s Muir Woods, our perfume brings the serenity of nature to you. The sweet balsamic notes of Fir and earthy scent of Cedarwood evoke nostalgic memories of being one with the woods. With invigorating notes of Balsam and Citrus, feel refreshed and reconnected to the scents of nature.  

When breathing in its earthy yet stimulating notes, this parfum will melt your worries away and leave you feeling more in touch with nature and yourself. 

Sensory Notes: 

Top Notes: Pine, Orange 

Middle Notes : Fir 

Base Notes : Cedarwood, Ginger

For those who want to bring nature with them, wherever they go; crave refreshed clarity; rejuvenate with the healing powers of nature; instill a feeling of mindfulness, and seek to ground themselves connecting with their spiritual self.


  • Pine 
  • Orange
  • Fir
  • Cedarwood
  • Ginger
  • Formulators’ Proprietary Blend

                in a base of

  • Biodynamic Grape Based Alcohol


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Expected Dispatch Period : December, 2022

*Only 50 bottles

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